Shark bites bather hands in Primorye

Shark on Wednesday in southern Primorye attacked bathers, biting his hands, told RIA Novosti the Regional Centre of Emergency Medicine.

"Shark attack on a man was in the bay near the village Telyakovskii Knight Khasan district. Shark bit off resting the hands and severely bitten body. Victim in critical condition to the hospital Slav settlement," — said the official.

Verification in connection with the incident and conduct regional staff cupola MOE. According to RIA Novosti, spokesman of the main department office citing eyewitnesses, details of the incident came at 20.00 local time (13.00 MSK).

The further fate of the fish is unknown.

Previously Senior Laboratory of Ichthyology, Institute of Biology and Marine Sciences Ph.D. Alexander Sokolowski told the news agency that each year in late summer flocks Qatran sharks come into coastal waters south of Primorye, on the beaches in the summer resting thousands Far East.

He noted that the length of an adult can reach 1.5 meters, "but it Katrana not attack people." According to him, the only threat to man "may be two spikes shark on the front fins. When trouble they can be scratched and even pierce the rubber boat."

According to him, the "invasion" of sharks in the coastal waters of Primorye is connected with the usual summer fish migration to the coast in search of food. When the water starts to warm up after Katrana anchovies and other small fish swim to the shore. This usually occurs in the early summer, and from the end of July sharks usually swim back to a depth of 70 meters.

Besides Qatran, to the south coast of Primorye and annually fit porbeagle, which are also not dangerous for humans, noted the official. Recently, however, along with them, and started dating white shark predators. Such a two-meter white shark in 2007, hit the network anglers in the bay near the village Idol Anreevka Khasan district of Primorye.

Anatoly Ilyuhov


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