Some seers point north, considering it a place of salvation from environmental disasters posed by civilization.

North, Karelia — the world's mine shungite — a mineral analogue which does not exist.

Name this mineral, widely known today — shungite — comes from the name of the village of Shunga, near which it was found.

Externally similar to the rock hard coal, but occurs in very ancient layers of the earth's crust, formed when the Earth was no life, no carbon compounds stones, coal, etc. — and suddenly the huge deposits of minerals amazing — from where?

The assumption is that in the shallow bays of the ancient sea lived primitive microscopic organisms. Marine sediments saturated by these organic remains were the same basic material, from which the Zhung. One of the most exotic same version appears on Earth shungite argues that this is part of a giant meteorite disintegrated planet Phaeton.

But be that as it may, a mineral, which is unique — both in healing qualities, and on the variety of properties:

Shungite heals, saves, cleans, heals, protects, normalizes, restores.

And their properties is truly a unique natural phenomenon must hollow spherical ions of carbon — fullerenes. It is proved that the only shungite on earth mineral rocks containing fullerenes — the third in a row, the crystalline form (after diamond and graphite), existence of natural carbon molecules.

Because of its origin and structure of fullerenes have the properties of living matter and the highest reducing activity on the cells of a living organism.
Interacting with water, it releases shungite healing complexes of fullerenes, which give the effect of water Marcial, cure allergies, skin diseases, wounds, burns, diabetes, stomatitis, periodontal disease, hair loss, cosmetic damage. According to researchers, the fullerene strives to destroy all that prevents us from being healthy.
Properties as natural sorbent shungite well known for decades and are used not only in medicine but also in technology — from water to gas masks. This property shungite used to filter drinking water.

But this is not all the properties of this mineral: a rather hefty stones schungite talus farm Tolvuyskom born largest in North potatoes. This is due to the unique qualities of the mineral "Olonets chernozem" — scattering of small shungit. Potatoes grow directly in shungite, and the rate of growth, more and tuber quality than at planting the tubers in the ground.
Shungite, among other things, a stone-comforter, stone, taking away a negative. In the study of the influence of electromagnetic fields on schungite shown that it can be used as some protection from electromagnetic fields of cell phones, televisions, monitors, and so-called geopathic zones.
It is now about two million people use shungite filters, preparations and articles Shungite.

But the study of the properties of this amazing stone is just beginning. Shungite or "Slate Stone" as it was called in ancient times, is still a mystery to scientists. One thing is clear: it makes the healing water. And surprise: everything that harms people, it kills and devours, and all that useful — concentrates and restores.

Scientists who have studied shungite unanimously declare: this is a miracle!

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