Sibanalitpribor serial creates innovative products

A resident of Tomsk Special Economic Zone Ltd. "Sibanalitpribor" creates a serial innovative products in collaboration with the Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems SB RAS.


Autonomous meteorological complex AMK-03

As such, the company "Sibanalitpribor" is committed while in Russia a few know how to — the commercialization of scientific ideas and bringing them to the production cycle. Thus becoming the missing link between scientific development and its trade incarnation, "Sibanalitpribor" took a very strong position on the market of innovative products. Novelty, innovation component, the uniqueness of the company's products allow her in April 2011 to obtain the status of a resident of the Tomsk special economic zone (SEZ), and the results of work in 2010 to get into the registry of innovating organizations of Tomsk region.

Actually "Sibanalitpribor" was formed in 2000, but its history began somewhat earlier. The company was created through the transformation of scientific and production cooperative "Electro" — one of the first scientific co-operatives, which are actually engaged in research work in the late 1980s. At the turn of the century cooperative "Electro" changed ownership without changing the basic direction of activity.

Saving capacity

The history of "Sibanalitpribora" may not have been as successful if it were not for a collaboration with the Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems SB RAS. Institute at the time appeared on the basis of the Special Design Bureau of Scientific Instrument "Optics", which was engaged in the creation of instruments for scientific research institutes of Tomsk. With the development of CSC was to be the basis for the scientific instrument of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences. By that everything was going — in the mid-80's Bureau became a powerful enterprise, employing about a thousand employees. But with the onset of perestroika state's interest in the industry waned, the funding ran out, the development of floating in the air, the base began to collapse. To survive, SKB "Optics" was transformed into the Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, which was renamed after the Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems (IMCES).
"We are probably at least ten years anticipated the creation of enterprises by the well-known today FZ-217, — Said the deputy director of "Sibanalitpribor" Vladimir Korol'kov. — Our company was created precisely for such a scheme, and with the same goals. In IMCES RAS existed and there are enough interesting developments. But the main activity of the Institute is not instrument-making, and research in the field of climate and environmental monitoring. Since there has been gained good experience, remained infrastructure, personnel involved in instrument making, then, in fact, the creation of several businesses and was aimed at saving instrument-building. Only now its use is expected not only in research, but also in other sectors of the economy. Thus, research institutes were created by three companies, among them "Sibanalitpribor." Everyone has their own area of activity. But the sense of one — to create an innovative product based on developments of our Institute ".

Perhaps now it is strange to hear, but for many years it was believed that the creation of enterprises at the Institute — it's bad. They seem to be distracted from the Institute of main activity — scientific. However, time has shown that this form of mutual beneficial cooperation and institution or company. As a result, the Institute as a scientific unit are not adapted to the creation of the final product innovation. And here come to help small businesses.
Measure and analyze

"Sibanalitpribor" is actively developing two promising directions. First — it's automatic weather systems in various versions for measuring meteorological parameters of the atmosphere. Second — optical gas analysis systems and devices for measuring the gas composition of the atmosphere. "These devices are primarily used for research conducted at our institute for climate monitoring, atmospheric gas composition. This requires modern tools, — Vladimir Korol'kov. — And from the point of view of the market an innovative product in the full sense of the word, the main consumers of our weather systems — is the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations, the industrial enterprises of different industries. Meteorological support to almost all '. Indeed, if we talk about the Ministry of Defense, several modifications designed "Sibanalitpriborom" meteorological systems today taken to supply the armed forces of Russia, which are available under the state defense order. Through Rosoboronexport these systems as part of other complexes are sold abroad.

"Our main customer in the Ministry of Defense — is the main rocket and artillery control, — Says Vladimir Korol'kov. — During any artillery fire must be entered into a special device that determines the parameters of sight, meteorological data — wind speed, air density, and so on. This is a full-time information that is required to increase the accuracy. The Navy and the Navy have taken these systems to ensure landing operations ".


Mobility — one of the main characteristics of modern devices

As for civilian use meteokompleksov "Sibanalitpribora", it is also quite wide. Basically, they use industrial enterprise. For example, JSC "Vankorneft." Devices installed for continuous measurement of meteorological parameters are necessary to ensure the work of the fields.

The second area of activity — it's gas analysis systems that are "Sibanalitpribor" not only produces, but also develop them. In fact, this optical instruments to analyze the composition of the gas. In the beginning of this century, seventy optical gas analyzers for emission control fuel combustion plants have been put in the "TyumenEnergo." Until now, almost all the stations "TyumenEnergo" equipped with these instruments designed to control the emission of gases CHP. As today for air pollution have to pay, these devices act as counters, given the volume of emissions of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide.

Now the development of "Sibanalitpribora" is a multi-component gas analyzer that is created on the basis of the spontaneous Raman scattering. A feature of this device is its versatility — it can identify almost any gas. And, accordingly, can be used in almost any industry. New gas analyzer, apparently, will be tested in OOO «Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk", which will control the composition of the gas transported. Industry professionals such control is needed to determine the calorific value of the gas, which depends on its chemical composition and the subsequent determination of its value. In practice analyzers "Sibanalitpribora" can be used in thermal power to control all processes in which gases are used.

"R &D is typically done institution, bu
t at the stage of transition the results of scientific research in experimental design and more — is connected to the product," Sibanalitpribor "
, — Says about the interaction of research institutes and enterprises Vladimir Korol'kov. The result, they say, is obvious. Speaking of meteokompleksah, today they are released more than a dozen foreign companies. "Sibanalitpribor" quite able to compete with them, and in the creation of mobile systems even outperforms the competition. Because the devices are in the armed forces, they are subject to special so-called military acceptance, where quality control of manufacturing, reliability of the device is higher than that of civilian goods. Therefore, the technical parameters are kept at a high level. If we talk about the latest model of the gas analyzer, the devices such as serial products in the world is not there yet. There are only individual laboratory samples. "The fact is that there are some technical difficulties, requiring the use of high-power lasers, — Says Vladimir Korol'kov. — The method has long been known, but it is based on a commercial product so far no one really failed. So here we are, perhaps, to come. "

In "Sibanalitpribore" does not stop there, improving their products. Meteokompleksov for example, developed a unique optical measuring rainfall, prospects gazoanalizatsionnom block even more. Therefore, the challenge is clear — to modernize and improve their products, promote them to new markets, increasing competitiveness.

Vladislav Mikhailov, "Expert"

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