Sibelectromotor entered the German market

Today, GK "Sibelectromotor" ships the products under contract with TMK Europe GmbH (Germany). This is the first in the history of the enterprise direct delivery of cargo to the German company. It is noteworthy that the engines' Sibelectromotor "bypassed the competition of similar products from a European manufacturer, which has its production facilities in Germany.

Prepared for shipment exclusive party: this crane and roller table motors for special applications. Scope of supply: — 30 pieces According to the press service of the company.
"We are of fundamental importance that this contract the first time we go out on the German market without intermediaries, and not with the traditional products — in this niche, we compete successfully, and with electric motors in special design. It is our technology, design win in the international market ", — said General Director Konstantin Notman.
To date, the amount of sales of GC "Sibelectromotor 'exports accounted for 20%. The geography of exports is represented by countries such as Kazakhstan, Georgia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Cuba, Venezuela, as well as Bulgaria, Hungary, Cyprus and the Baltic countries.

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