Siberian Agrarian Group opens two new plants

On Thursday, December 2, the holding company "Siberian Agrarian Group" opens 2 enterprises in the Tomsk region.
According to the press service of the regional administration, today opened Seversky City Dairy Plant and meat on the street. The Lower Meadow, 16.
Seversky City Dairy Plant went into the holding structure in 2009. The company was completed, reconstructed, equipped with machinery.

Reconstruction of combined meat-packing plant on the street. The Lower Meadow, 16 was launched a few years ago. On the area of the new slaughterhouse transferred power slaughterhouse number 7, who was on the street. Old-depot. Today, meat-packing plant produces up to 40 tons of sausages and semi-finished products per day.

FAQ: "Siberian Agrarian Group" (JSC "Agricultural Group") includes a pig farm in the village. Light (Tomsk region), Pig Farm "Ural" (Sverdlovsk region), meat-packing plants in Tomsk, Kemerovo and the Urals, Asinovsky feed plant (Tomsk region), 3 farms in the area Asino (Tomsk Region), Seversky City Dairy Plant, as well as network branded retail

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