Siberian lift: a new course of development

At the "Siblift" (Omsk) approved the program of development of the enterprise until 2015. A key focus will be to expand the product line and increase the volume of production. The modernization and retrofit of existing production at the expense of their profits will be allocated 90 million rubles.

By 2014 it is planned to increase production from 550 to 1,500 elevators a year and expand the range of products almost tripled.

Today, the company's specialists have begun preparations for a new project for the production of escalators. In accordance with the program of the first copy of the lift off the assembly line "Siblifta" and will receive a certificate of conformity at the end of 2013, and in 2014, will start mass production.

"Siblift" formed on the initiative of the NGO "Mostovik". For mass production of products the company launched in 2002.

Today, the plant is one of four leading companies Lift full production in Russia and is the only one in its industry in the Urals. Lineup includes 21 types of lifts with capacity from 100 to 1000 kg. Products under the brand name "Siblift" comes in more than 30 regions of Russia, as well as to the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

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