Sibmost completed the construction of a bridge across the river. Elanny Naryk (Kemerovo region)

The customer of works of "GCC" JUzhkuzbassugol. " The new bridge is located in Novokuznetsk district of the Kemerovo Region, near Erunakovskom coal deposit.

The work began in January 2012. Experts Mostootryad number 85 Novokuznetsk branch of "Sibmost" in accordance with the terms of the contract work performed for the construction of superstructures (precast concrete 12 m long), bearings (bezrostverkovogo type on poles drilled diameter of 1.2 m), transoms and cabinet units, arrangement of asphalt covering the roadway and sidewalks. Strengthening work completed, drainage from the roadway with a device of rainwater wells, stair assemblies. Forces Mostootryad number 85 also made excavations on vytorfovke dumping and approaches to the bridge in the amount of 10,000 m3.

The total project cost was $ 41,926 thousand. Specifications Bridge: length — 41.8 m, width of roadway — 11.0 m, sidewalks — 0.75 m


JSC "Sibmost" — one of the leading bridge-building companies in the country that has full range of works on the construction of roads and railways with artificial constructions, bridges, airports and other complex engineering structures.

Performs most of the work in twelve regions of Russia.

In 2011, the order book of "Sibmost" amounted to more than 16 billion rubles. Contracts concluded in the coming years more than $ 60 billion.

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