SIBUR-Trans has completed the construction of the item in Nyagan repair of tank containers

The facility is the only specialized facility for carrying out all kinds of work with tank containers in Russia.


Construction of a maintenance and inspection of tank containers (RIP) in Nyagan — one of the most expensive and ambitious projects "SIBUR-Trans" in the last few years. His goal — the creation of a full-fledged local repair item in order to save the cost of repair and examination of tank containers during the work in-house, reducing the cost of empty rolling stock to run third-party repair centers and reducing the term of the containers in the non-operating park.

The project was implemented in record time — 6 months. RIP improvement works will continue until June. Deputy General Director for Production Pavel Belousov notes: "To realize the project was not easy. We have a long time could not find a contractor who would be willing to take on all kinds of work required. However, we were able to meet the deadline set by the holding. On the basis of RIP can be carried out routine maintenance of rolling stock, pneumatic and hydraulic testing. Similar specialized complex has more than any company in Russia. "

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