Sidorevich — the new leader of the masses. Lewkowicz was not recognized

At the first session of the Congress of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Gromada), which was held on October 10 in Minsk, the chairman of the party elected Anatoly Sidorevich. He got the most votes compared to the other contenders — Valery Frolov and Victor Kryval. Former party chairman Anatoly Lewkowicz Congress called illegitimate.

The main agenda in Congress was re-elected leadership of the party and the issue of participation in the presidential election. New chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) was Anatoly Sidorevich. Voted for by 35 members of the Congress, against — 33. Sidorevich said that he opposes the "strong chairman" and going to "strengthen the collective elements in the management of the party." The main aim he called "the work of the future." Regarding the party's participation in the presidential election campaign, Mr. Sidorevich said:

"The most fun will begin after the elections. And now we can not even take any document. Firstly, this would have to exit before the start of the election campaign. Secondly, we can not accept any platform because it does not distinguish the party candidate. Our friends are working on various democratic candidates. And therefore we can not accept binding instrument. "

Means withdrawal from the post of chairman Anatoly Lyaukovich, return to the party of Alexander Kozulin? Mr. Sidorevich said:

"I know that on Monday some friends went to a Alexander Kozulin. Kozulin not return to the Belarusian Social Democratic Party ".

Former chairman Anatoly Lewkowicz Congress called illegitimate, as chairman of the supposedly non-partisan elected, and left the room along with his former deputy. He said he intends to continue as Chairman and not give printing.

"I said that I remain the chairman of the party., I call to all the friends, who are elected by the Congress of the past so that they work as long as we do not hold the congress as needed, according to the ordinance. I think we are in a position to hold a congress. We are able to hold a congress where there will be elected by non-partisan chairman of the party. "

Their participation in the Congress, he explained that he must monitor the situation in the party. Also, Mr. A.Levkovich withdrew his candidacy. Oleg Trusov noted that he voted for A.Sidorevich to save the party. He said that in A.Levkovicha there is no evidence that Mr. Sidorevich is not a member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada).

"I think his power will somehow even to maintain, as has often happened. Our party is not until the end of time was not recognized. Party is, there are people and all the choices were on a competitive basis. And do not recognize the power of our Congress, Of course, it can. But that did not change. We were a party as well as we. So all these measures do not have a legal basis. "

On the eve of the congress Anatoly Lewkowicz third time appeared on the pages of the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia". In an interview with "This is — a new twist," he criticizes the opposition. Mieczyslaw Mushroom noted that contrary to the publication of the strategy, tactics and program of the party:

"I do not think it necessary to say today that we are ready to cooperate with the government. She put it mildly, not very honest. Our current government party or the other to focus not see. Authorities today are not stupid enough to trust something the opposition and go with it to negotiate. Forthan today brings the dispute to the opposition? Why would argue that these articles should Lyaukovich dyskutavatstsa in batches? All sorts of debates — is a disorder of the party. Therefore, the leaders of other parties, and our party, understood it and did not go to any debate. That is correct. "

Valery Frolov "With relief," took the results of the congress. At its second session, which will take place after the election, the party will discuss the strategy.

August 30 Sidorevich issued an address to the media, in which he called "not to associate his name with the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) due to the fact that terminates membership in the organization." The politician said he would not comment on the decision. A few days later Sidorevich commented on the party's website the possibility of his nomination for the post of chairman of the organization. He said that since his resignation from the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) was recorded in the Party, he continues to remain a member of the party.

The Bureau of the Congress

Before Congress in support of an article by Anatoly Lyaukovich in the state press

Anatoly Lewkowicz

Valentin Oskirko first criticized by Anatoly Lyaukovich and spoke in support of Anatoly Sidorevich

Paul Znavets

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