Siemens and Russian Machines presented a model of a modern car at the Expo 1520

Company "Siemens" and "Russian Machines" are the result of their first joint technical project at the IV International Railway Salon equipment and technologies "EXPO 1520". Subway car new generation has been designed specifically for the Moscow Metro. The Government of the Russian capital has stated its intention to purchase up to 3,000 new subway cars in 2020. A tender is expected in late 2013.

 Company "Siemens" and "Russian Machines" intend to combine their efforts to participate in the tender for the supply of the Moscow subway cars and in connection with this plan to create a joint venture in the Moscow region. Model of the new subway car "Siemens-RM", presented as part of the salon "EXPO 1520" is an example of a radical new concept of urban transport, in which a futuristic design in harmony with the maximum convenience for passengers. The concept of a subway car provides enhanced ride comfort with reduced noise and vibration levels, the availability of air-conditioning systems, increased capacity, and a higher level of safety for passengers. Compared with cars that are currently in operation in the Moscow subway, the introduction of such innovative designs will reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Jochen Aykholt, Director of the "rail systems" company "Siemens":"We are going to team up with one of the largest and most respected engineering companies in Russia to participate in the project on the Moscow Metro. To make this cooperation successful, we intend to bring our extensive production experience and technology in the field of modern rail systems, which have already proven themselves in the implementation of projects such as "Peregrine Falcon", "Swallow" and supply sleepers for the Railways "."

Siegfried Wolf, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company "Russian Machines":"In cooperation with the" Siemens AG "we plan to deliver to Moscow the most modern rolling stock in the world. In addition, we intend to build on the territory of the Moscow region venture to build a new generation of subway cars. "

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