Siemens creates a production cluster in Voronezh

"We have already opened here factories high-voltage equipment and transformers, and for them this year, followed by manufacturing and GIS", — said the chief executive officer of the Department, "Energy Transfer", "Siemens AG" Karlheinz Springer.


The delegation of OAO "UES FGC" under the leadership of board chairman Oleg Budargin visited the production cluster "Siemens" in Voronezh. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Governor of the Voronezh region, Alexander Gusev, Chief Executive Officer of the Department, "Energy Transfer", "Siemens AG" Karlheinz Springer, president of the "Siemens" in Russia and Central Asia, the vice-president of "Siemens AG" Dietrich Moeller.

The leaders of the Federal Grid Company visited the production facilities of new plants, "Siemens" for the production of high-voltage switchgear and power transformers, got acquainted with the work of testing system and the course of commissioning the production of complete switchgear gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) needed for the modernization and upgrading of energy companies Russian power grid complex.

During the visit, a meeting was held, during which the representatives of the "Siemens" informed the management of JSC "FGC UES" about the plans for the development and production of local production in Russia of the latest models of electrical equipment in accordance with international and Russian standards and requirements of the Federal Grid Company, as well as to ensure the competitive level of quality, price and delivery time of products.

"Siemens" is going to make a major contribution to improving the electric grid complex Russia — said Karlheinz Springer. — To do this we create in Voronezh our production cluster. Fruitful cooperation with the Federal Network Company enables the "Siemens" to apply to Russia its innovative products and technologies, thereby increasing the reliability of power supply in the country. "

In turn, Oleg Budargin noted that the concentration of production equipment for the electric power grid facilities in Russia — one of the priorities of the FGC. "Placement of production in our country not only reduces the cost of the equipment, which allows to restrain the growth of tariffs, but also has a positive effect on the situation in the Russian economy as a whole. We choose a partner only trusted manufacturers, one of which is the company "Siemens". After all, our main task — to ensure the reliability of the electric grid complex. I am confident that together we can do it. "

The meeting was held in the framework of implementation of the memorandum, which was signed by OAO "UES FGC" and concern "Siemens" in February 2012. The memorandum is aimed at developing long-term relationships and supply of electrical equipment "Siemens", produced in Russia. Federal Grid Company is developing cooperation with world leaders in the production of electrical equipment in the main part of a comprehensive modernization of the electric grid complex in order to improve the reliability and efficiency of power supply, the concept of smart grids, as well as to the localization of production of energy-efficient and high-power equipment in Russia.

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