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A new operational-tactical missile complex (PTRC), "Iskander" for the Army, made at one of the leading Russian companies "defense" Engineering Design Bureau (KBM) in Kolomna near Moscow, classified by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation "to a number of indisputable priorities." Complex of "land — land" is able to solve all the puzzles combat that are assigned to this class of weapon.

New items of our arsenal

In the coming decade, the increase rate of equipping the army and the new standards of equipment and weapons. Identified specific time lines when the face of our army and navy will have to determine the most modern means of warfare. Basically, that touched on this area created. Now we remind readers of the operational-tactical missile system, the newest armored vehicles, one of the samples of small compact tools that are not only not inferior to combat features zabugornom peers, and in almost all cases are unique in its class-leading weapons.

PTRC is designed for covert preparation and application of effective missile strikes as against small and area targets (enemy weapon systems, facilities and air defense missile systems, aircraft on the ground and other objects). Its occurrence in the armed forces greatly increases the ability of the Armed Forces.

Note that in the PTRC "Iskander" developed and refined the ideas of the developed MSC PTRC "Oka" which was destroyed in 1989 in accordance with the contract between the USSR and the USA the Intermediate-range lower. According to some reports, while 360 were liquidated and 160 self-propelled rocket launchers.

New missile complex equipped with 2 missiles, has the highest rate of fire. It allows you to shoot at two different targets at intervals of one minute. Development of "Iskander" complied with all the requirements of agreements on intermediate and lower range and the non-proliferation of missile technologies, which limit the right of the Russian Federation on the export of missiles with a range greater than 300 km and a payload weighing more than 500 kg.

Range Launch PTRC "Iskander" — 50-300 km, starting weight — 3,800 kg payload weight — 480 kg. The line of motion of flight — not ballistic and difficult to predict for the enemy. Rocket operated throughout the trajectory of the flight. At the initial stage — the gas-dynamic control surfaces, then after a set speed — aerodynamic. Immediately after the start and at the approach to specifically target rocket begins vigorously maneuver changing including shooting plane that namely difficult to control from the space behind it.

Most of the trajectory of a missile, made by technology "Stealth" and having a small surface scattering, is at an altitude of 50 km, reducing the possibility of its defeat, both from below and from above. The effect of "invisible" achieved through the totality of design features. Namely, — special coating design, dropping all its projections immediately after the start and others.

Dependent on the type of traffic congestion lines vary in the range from 20 to 30 g. For the anti-missile interception is required to have an overload of at least 2-3 times higher. All this creates a system designers struggle with the "Iskander" is very great difficulties.

In the non-nuclear warheads the missile can be armed with tape, high-explosive and penetrating warheads. Specialists they say, that the effectiveness of implementation of the missile is equivalent to a small nuclear weapon power.

Middle rival PTRC "Iskander" — South American ATAKMS complex, too, to a lesser extent — the Chinese missiles like the M9. Range Accuracy of the baseline scope ATAKMS — 112-115 km, with modernization by reducing the weight of the warhead — up to 180 km. Fundamentally the difference is much lower accuracy, which in the South American complex can be increased only by the navigation system "Navstar". In terms of missile defense, "Iskander" — an absolute favorite.

Russian complex is able to work with both global navigation systems, as well as in stand-alone mode, homing working on maps. Initial information — aerial, photo or gallakticheskie pictures. All other operations — training flight mission, its design, and others — of the "Iskander" do without the help of others. In the case of homing accuracy of PTRC is measured in meters.

The structure of the missile complex includes transport and loading vehicle, machine maintenance, command post vehicle, item of preparation disk imaging, the Arsenal set of equipment and training facilities.

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