Simbirskiy bacon fattening pigs

The new pig farm of the "Talina" "Simbirskiy bacon" (Ulyanovsk region) passed first game with feeding on meat-processing complex. Meat best performance exceeded expectations pig.

  • the opening of the pig farm was held in May 2011
  • the opening of the pig farm was held in May 2011

How to tell the deputy general director of holding on Fat pig Eugene, evaluated the basic characteristics. The average weight per animal was 118 kg, the average carcass length reached 104 cm, thickness of bacon — 2 cm

"This is a very good performance — says E. Tolstoy. — They prove our efficiency and meet the highest international standards in the industry. "
The efficiency of pig production depends on many factors: the art equipment, advanced technology, animal nutrition, veterinary, culture, literacy workers.

All processes on pig farms holding automated, from employees need only supervise the work of high-tech equipment and the condition of the animals. This allows you to virtually eliminate manual labor.

The power supply system also includes automatic lines. Animals get a quality balanced feed produced in our own factory holding of grain and leguminous crops grown plant breeders' Talin. "

In July 2012, "Simbirskiy bacon" expects to reach full capacity — 9.6 thousand tons of meat per year, which is about half of the total pork production in the region. In August 2012 the Ulyanovsk region group "Talina" plans to begin reconstruction of a breeding farm, and in 2013 — to begin construction of a second modern pig farm.

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