Sinkhole in Astrakhan, the hole got truck

While Mayor Sergei Bozhenov received a letter of thanks for their active participation in the party's project "Safe Roads of Russia" on one of the roads under a collapsed asphalt truck.

Already about a few months on the street S. Perovskoy being renovated. According to the news agency "Avers" last Saturday on this stretch of road collapsed under asphalt truck. On Saturday, a shower of rain, maybe that is the reason for the incident. Wet soil could simply not bear the weight of the truck.

Heavy trucks of asphalt took out crane arrived at the scene of the accident. Rescue truck took about half an hour. It seems that residents of neighboring houses took longer to come to his senses — their eyes turned picture with scenes similar disaster movies. Not every day trucks leave the ground.

Meanwhile, at a recent regional conference of "ER," which was held at the very same day, the mayor of Astrakhan Sergei Bozhenov handed a letter of thanks for his contribution to the construction and reconstruction of roads in the party of the "Safe Roads of Russia." Now, most likely, need transportation Bozhenov tractor to close the annoying hole in the road and not to spoil the rest of the canvas.
However, the irony …

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