Sitronics has received an order for nanoSIM for iPhone5


Manufacturer of microelectronics "Sitronics" will produce a new SIM-card standard nanoSIM, which is supposed to be used in the new smartphone Apple iPhone, commissioned by one of the "Big Three", RIA Novosti vice president of marketing and business development of "Sitronics "Boris Volpe. 

Source agency in the domestic telecommunications market reported that the order came from the "Megaphone", RIA Novosti but could not confirm the information from other sources. Himself "Megafon" is not to comment on the procurement nanoSIM essentially only noting that the volume of purchases and specification SIM-cards is determined by the company's sales plan and implemented its range of equipment.

Representatives of the operator MTS, together with the incoming "Sitronics" the holding AFK "System", did not specify whether he meant test cards nanoSIM.    

Maps nanoSIM 40% smaller than the microSIM, used in modern mobile technology Apple. Reducing the size of SIM-card saves space inside the smart phone using the vacant space inside the enclosure for other purposes.

Dimensions SIM-card 4FF (fourth form factor): 12.3 x 8.8 x 0.67 mm, it is compatible with previous models SIM-cards and offers the same functionality. 


In contrast to the microSIM, which can be obtained by cutting the excess plastic with normal SIM-card finer nanoSIM make such primitive way possible.

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