Sitronics opened a development center in St. Petersburg

Last week, officially earned the Petersburg R &D-center of "Sitronics", which became her fifth. The new structure will be responsible for the development of new software products and technical support for customers.


Research and Development Center "Sitronics» (R &D Center) became the fifth center in the total R &D of the company. It is assumed that his work will significantly strengthen the company's position with key customers and external market. Selection of St. Petersburg to build R &D-center was primarily caused by the proximity to key customers, as well as high availability of human resources and infrastructure for innovation. With the opening of a new office staff of developers and researchers of "Sitronics" reached 1.7 million employees, an increase thus 8% (center will employ 120 employees). The key areas of the center will be the development and testing of software and technical support solutions for telecom operators.

At a press conference held during the official opening of the center, some attention was paid to the general lines of "Sitronics" in the field of R &D. This line of the company includes discover software for the telecommunications industry, cloud computing infrastructure, radio frequency identification, microelectronics and telecommunications equipment. At this point in the structure of five R &D-centers and two centers of competence (in Delhi and Krasnodar). The staff of each center is an average of 250 to 500 people. In the Russian offices are located in Moscow, Zelenograd and St. Petersburg. In foreign countries R &D-centers are located in Prague and Athens. The priority development center is R &D in the field of solutions for telecom operators. The share of this segment in the field of activity of the company is 54% of the total. This year, the establishment of a regional network of R &D-centers, the company plans to invest about $ 10 million

Vice-President of "Sitronics" Mikhail Bondarenko in his report paid attention to the current market demand for our products. "The developed infrastructure of R &D allows you to create innovative solutions that meet the requirements of the market. Now you need to quickly bring products to market, reduce cost of ownership, improve the quality of services and solutions, and to ensure full convergence. In this regard, "Sitronics" has the following advantages: a complete map solutions for service-level Tier 1, modern, modular architecture, a wide range of integration capabilities, an advanced development and testing, as well as flexible customization to the needs of the customer and the support of the productive infrastructure platforms.

In 2010-2011, there was a break in the business of "Sitronics", which increased the number of subscribers in more than 30 million, and the total number of subscribers reached 165 million by the achievements of the company for the years Rapporteur also carried the expansion of the range of supported Unix-platforms (HP , IBM, Sun), the x86 platform support, new technology high-speed data processing? FORIS.DataManagement. An important achievement was the translation and all customers on a single technology platform.

Mr. Bondarenko also spoke about some of the results of the company's customers. According to him, among recent projects? completion of the transfer of MTS-Uzbekistan on the converged solution FORIS OSS (serves 6.5 million subscribers). Was also implemented in the billing system of MGTS (5,000,000 subscribers). In addition, a convergent solution was launched FORIS OSS MTS-India? (10 million subscribers).

As for the choice of the northern capital as a site for a new R &D-center "Sitronics" Mr. Bondarenko said: "St. Petersburg is the best place for the formation of R &D-center" Sitronics "on key economic, infrastructural and geographical characteristics. First, there is a competitive skilled labor market, as well as high-quality telecommunications infrastructure. Second, a good geographical location creates a comfortable environment for the conduct of business innovation. The proximity to key partners and customers, as well as a high level of scientific and educational resources, we expect to have a positive impact on the work of the center. "

The new center in St. Petersburg, will focus on the development of the system components (functional components of kernel-level interfaces to databases, operating systems and telecommunications infrastructure). Also in his jurisdiction will develop application components. It is a web-based technologies, portal and mobile technologies, user interfaces, different programming environments. In the field of testing and optimization of the expected work on deep analysis and performance tuning, load testing, stress testing, functional testing of all types. The Company intends to use modern development tools and design, lifecycle management, and application infrastructure with advanced test automation tools, testing processes.

In addition, it is planned that in the future center will facilitate scientific, portal solutions, including self-service (web portals, terminals, applications for tablet computers and smartphones), CRM-solutions, systems for interaction with partners, jobs for the operators. Resources of the new R &D-center "Sitronics" will be involved in the implementation of joint projects with major vendors such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Sun, Ericsson, etc.

Petersburg center already has the structure. This research department (he is implementing projects in the areas of new technologies, functional and non-functional properties of the products), development (here an experimental and industrial software and hardware products and solutions), the department of testing (testing of new testing technologies, industrial quality control of products in development and decisions) and support office products and solutions (in its service functions Knowledge Base customer experience, the implementation of customer feedback and resolution of complex integration and operational tasks of customers). Thanks to the work of these departments center is expected to provide a full cycle of works related to the development of innovative products and solutions for telecom operators.

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