Sitronics Ukraine has built a data center for television 1 +1 PRODUCTION

JSC "Sitronics Information Technologies of Ukraine" announced the completion of the creation of the data center for the "1 +1 PRODUCTION." The new data center (DPC) will make TV more vivid and dynamic programs, and the audience — to ensure their continuous playback.

"Sitronics Information Technologies Ukraine" was the general designer and general contractor building a new data center, "1 +1 PRODUCTION." It is located in the new office building of TV Company "1 +1 PRODUCTION", and the distinctive feature of the data center has become the connection in a single complex "traditional" IT equipment and specialized ethereal audio and video equipment.

A key requirement of the project was to ensure continuity of on-air broadcasting, as the new data center will be used to create and broadcast such rating programs going on the air as "Studio TSN", "Snіdanok s 1 +1", "Voice Kraina."

Specialists of "Sitronics Information Technologies Ukraine" proposed design solution, which, on the one hand, reduce the costs for accommodation and television service equipment, and on the other hand — would allow future flexibility to maximize computational and technological power.

Implementation of the project was completed on schedule — 7 months. 

"The production of high-quality and interesting programs audiences — our main priority, as the TV channel 1 +1 watching the whole Ukraine. The creation of modern media data center will smoothly and efficiently channel to broadcast programs. We are grateful to the "Sitronics Information Technologies of Ukraine" for the project at the appropriate level ", — said the technical director Philippe Petrenko.

Technical details of the project

The basis for building a new data center of "1 +1 PRODUCTION" was equipment companies APC, HiRef, R &M.

Because continuous operation data center is critical, uninterrupted power complex is implemented redundancy 2 (N +1)-based modular UPS APC.

Also introduced energy-efficient cooling uninterrupted based precision inverter air conditioners HiRef with redundancy N +1. Every air conditioner is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply that provides high reliability solutions.

Centralized remote monitoring of all engineering systems can monitor the status of the complex and rapidly respond to any emergency situations.

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