Skyfish — defect, fake or unknown form of life?

April 5, 2012 17:28

In 1994, somewhere in New Mexico, he took video of something strange. He looked at all the shots and made sure that it is not a marriage of film and not an optical illusion — it was something alive, move at great speed.

Many people wishing to study the unknown forms of life, which often call themselves cryptozoologists can not say for sure whether you can call skayfishey animals, or are intangible objects. These strange creatures like the deep sea inhabitants: they have long worm-like body and wide ledges on each side, by which they move as if on wings. Something like under water "fly", for example, ramps, making undulating.

Investigated many are inclined to believe that it is a fake, and even deliberate deception. Their opponents believe that "skayfishi" — a previously unknown to science insects, animals or even a manifestation of the aliens on Earth.

In 1996, suddenly found that they, and in fact can be called "fish": they inhabit and waters. Found this while watching videotapes filmed a TV in the Mexican underground water cave, known as the Cave of Swallows. Incidentally, an interesting fact. Spanish cave called Sotano Las Golondrinas, which can be translated as "the dungeon of flying fish."

Skayfish (rods) in a report of the Ivanovo TRC —

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