Sleep. Unusual facts and theories.

Ringing alarm clock, we open our eyes and begin to remember just a dream. In memory of opening of five bright sunshine and gentle sea with exotic palm trees on the beach. Lying on the warm sand, eating ice cream and cold nedumanie about any domestic problems. Remember, what we just did, we naturally can not but regret that the dream was over. It was so nice and always want a nice lasted longer … But over a dream, really?

Continuing dream

We tend to think that our dreams begin when we fall asleep and sleep until the last. We believe this is a self-evident truth requiring no proof. However, the practice of lucid dreaming throws this "truth" of a large shadow of doubt.

There is reason to believe that when we wake up, the dream continues. And if we dreamed that we were lying on the beach, we continue to be based on it, though long since woken up, washed and are drawn for a toothbrush. Left only dream consciousness, and therefore we do not see it anymore, but the dream is still there and the story continues to develop. Sounds fantastic? But these are the facts.

To see them, you need to be able to not only create a lucid dream, but to be able to go back to him immediately after the spill. If we dreamed that we were going on a familiar street, then come back and we will see that we continue to walk on it. But are no longer in the same place along which woke up a little farther. The difference in distance is about the how much you can take normal walking for those seconds that we were in a dream. And as strange conclusion did not seem to make of this, apparently, it is still true. When we wake up — the dream continues.

Invite all practicing lucid dreaming this fact check, recheck and confirm this for yourself. For the task to go to sleep for a very familiar street and remember what you pass by. The door to the bakery, newsagent, a tree in the corner, the urn at the entrance, a lantern. When you start waking up, mark last seen in the memory of the object. And when we return to the dream of a few seconds, looking at what point of the street is now. Compare and draw conclusions. The difference in distance is always proportional to the lack of seconds. I checked several times.

What you need to do to return to lucid dream? After waking up still lay motionless, his eyes closed and nothing thinking. If you get it to carry out (which is not difficult), after 10 seconds, you return to the lucid dream. It's pretty simple.

The duality of the world

What follows from the fact that the dream does not end? This means that the dream world is not just a "vision in my head." We're already awake and no more dreams do not see. Nothing in our minds does not, head occupied quite different. But the dream still continues to exist somewhere! And we are taking active part in it!

Apparently, the two worlds — physical and dreams — exist simultaneously, and may even be in the same place, only two worlds at once, we do not see. In the physical world, we have a physical body, in the dreams of the world of dreams body. And our consciousness is simply moved between them.

This movement can be felt even often, if not go to sleep and not wake up immediately, and try to stretch out the process. Moving feels like a pulling sensation in the head.

The theory that the dream world is a kind of "parallel" world, universal to all of us, explains how the cases of shared dreams and learning in a dream state information relatives who are in another city. Why, then, not all of our dreams together? I guess in the world of dreams, as in the physical, not all existing space universal. We each have a house or apartment — some personal space. And most often it is a dream in their personal space and we are.

Dreaming body

What drives our dreams the body when we are awake? How can it there without the leadership of our mind to do something, go somewhere? I assume that it is ruled by the subconscious (our feelings, desires, worries). Just as happens in our normal unconscious dreams. Our mind does not control events, but we're doing something all the time, do not understand what and why.

The physical world and the world of dreams in some way connected. And what does our dream body at this time depends on the feelings, worries and anxieties we are currently experiencing. If while you are awake we have a good mood, we are happy and content, then our dream body is currently in pleasant dreams.

For lack of measuring devices in a dream, become familiar with the dreaming body is only possible by going-over and feeling. These studies were carried out and found that our dream body in a dream may look very different. It has no definite shape as the physical body. Dreaming body can instantly change the age, sex, height, color and length of hair, clothing, and even the number of toes human species. In the dream, we can be in the body of a bird or animal. But dreams can also body and precisely communicate our physical appearance. So with the help of lucid dreams sometimes get to know exactly how our internet looks familiar, that we never even saw. Only one I have already happened twice.

Feeling can also make sure that the dream body is composed of the same material that makes up the whole world of dreams. Touch this stuff is hard, like an ordinary physical, but if you push harder with your finger, the finger gently goes inside, as in the clay. Pierced his foot in his sleep and his hand, I did not feel any pain.

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