Slobozhanskiy diesel — government support

January 24 at the conference hall of Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University held a public discussion of presentations dedicated to the development and future of state registration of the investment project "Slobozhanskiy diesel."

Under this brand unites four automotive diesel engine in four-and six-cylinder version, spanning a power range from 100 to 175 horsepower. The development of engines is Kharkov specialists in order to fill the current market of high-tech, high-tech products of domestic producers.  

Addressing the gathering scientists, designers, Rector

HNADU Anatoly Turenko noted that the existence of such a market is very important for Ukraine, for now at eight domestic plants is the production of buses in the absence of its own power unit — the "heart" of any vehicle.

Delivered the keynote chief designer of the project from Enterprise "Kharkov Design Bureau engine building" (HKPD) Alexander Gritsyuk the background to the discussion of diesel subcompact size, stressing that this development was preceded by almost ten-year research and development work with specialists of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, higher education institutions and leading enterprises. The result of work performed is to create a family of transport and special diesel engines of similar size, and the first car engine series "Slobozhanskiy diesel." Currently, the first-born was a commission preliminary tests in a motor stand and have already installed the domestic bus very small class Ruta 25. The most problematic issue progress of project activities is the preparation and organization of industrial production "Slobozhanskiy diesel." According to Alexander Gritsyuk most productive structure of Ukraine prepared to deal with this problem is the state enterprise "Plant them. VA Malyshev, "associated with KP" HKBD "more than 80-year history of the development of these diesel engines in production.

Head of the department of business economics professor Ilya Dmitriev HNADU substantiate the economic feasibility of the introduction of the domestic production of automotive diesel engines series "Slobozhanskiy diesel", stressing that the Ukrainian car market is growing rapidly and is the seventh largest in Europe. Segment vehicles — the potential consumers of developed diesel engines in this market has significant weight.

Deputy Director General of the Civil Code "Ukroboronprom" Pavel Bunin confirmed the intention of the agency to develop the domestic diesel, as well as a particular interest in promoting "Slobozhanskiy diesel" as one of the first developments of Ukraine in the field of dual-use goods.

Deputy Head of the Department of Industry and Innovation Development of transport infrastructure of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Nikolai Borisenko noted the positive dynamics of development of domestic small-displacement diesel engine, presenting it as an opportunity to revive this branch of mechanical engineering in Kharkov through the implementation of new scientific developments in production. The implementation of this project has not only economic viability, but also a social and innovation for the development of the Kharkiv region.

The representative of the State Enterprise "Plant them. Malyshev "- Chief Marketing Officer of the proposed project" Slobozhanskiy diesel "Paul Miroshnichenko identified three basic conditions the viability of the project:

— He must be well thought out;

— Provided with the necessary resources (human, technological, information, financial);

— To have a team of competent managers to ensure its implementation in a given time frame with the desired quality.

Implementation of the project "Slobozhanskiy diesel" is important for the stabilization of the economy SOE "Plant them. Malyshev. "

Summing up the discussion, presentation materials of the "Slobozhanskiy diesel," chief designer KP "HKBD" Sergei Alekhine stressed the importance of government support in funding the proposed activities. He offered to make the results of this meeting, the decision of both sides of the main agencies (GC "Ukroboronprom") and Kharkiv regional state administration to establish a working group of experts to organize and coordinate the work with the central government (line ministries) to get the status of a state project "Slobozhanskiy diesel."

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