«Smart» magneto-plasma formation

It is believed that all living beings on the planet are well known and thoroughly studied by biologists. But it is not. Scientists are studying only one form of life on our planet — the protein side. And there is another life, which is a cluster of physical field.

People faced with this life from the moment of his appearance on earth, but they know about it so far very little. If a man can be called the master of the earth, the life of this non-protein can justifiably be called the rulers of its interior and the sky. The creatures that inhabit the solid earth, sometimes breaking away from it in the sky, called many things, but in essence they have one. In ancient times they were considered the embodiment of the element of fire, fire elementals.

Most often in the chronicles of these elements of fire appear as fireballs. The Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus, described in 252 AD. e. appearance of fire elementals, "descended from the sky fireball burned all the workers who were trying to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem."

But in the XX century, the description of elementals looked far more prosaic, but more specifically. They even managed to capture on camera. September 12 at 9:00 pm near the village of Big Machine Udall Vyazniky district Dmitry Regan, a researcher unknown, got stuck in the mud. Here's how to describe his meeting with the fire being the researcher, "Fireball, sometimes a little away for low clouds, hanging on the background of almost black sky. Size, about a third of the moon's disc, it does not change anything. Through optics camera could see his loose structure, as if the cells of different shapes and sizes. I calmly shot it for 20 minutes. "

Balls of fire floating in the air, often found on Earth, but not everywhere. They definitely "love" some areas. They often enjoy a true balls parades. One of these zones, was chosen by these fiery objects became Lada. For several years here came Samara group of historians, ethnographers collect stories of local residents about their encounters with fiery entities. Local historians lucky. In one of the summer nights they saw over Zhigulis real flypast. That's what in his diary one of the participants: "August 15, 1990, about 22 o'clock, I and several of my friends have seen flying over Zhigulis group fireballs. In front of a large single ball flew with a small tail, moving him nine balls smaller size. They went into a series of three, shimmering bright and long tails. "

Who are the people fearful of fire phenomena? To answer this question, scientists have tried for a long time. Many of them believe that the fire elementals do not exist. A "poetic" stories about the meeting with the strange fiery object behaving as human beings, or are inspired by the people of ancient myths and fairy tales, or simply witnesses of such meetings for the first time saw a pretty normal fireball. They have, as they say, from the fear of eyes become large.

Here is how to scientifically explain the appearance of fiery objects, balls and pillars in the course of natural processes Canadian professor Michael Persindzher: "These startling people born flaming objects underground. Even weak tectonic shifts give rise to mechanical stresses. In siliceous rocks generated electricity, which, given their enormous mass can reach a considerable size. Under the influence of this site rocks ionized and spins around the axis of the column of air. The result is a ball of lightning, with dimensions of a few centimeters to 2.1 meters. Their movement in the air is so unusual that people could easily take them for living beings. "

But not all the appearance of fireballs can be explained by natural causes. Non-protein fiery life, it seems, still exists in our seemingly well-studied Globe, and not always meeting her ends only wonder and stirs the blood eyewitness.

Here's how to describe the meeting with fiery creatures unknown American researcher Robert Gardner. In the summer of 1939 from a military base in San Diego, took to the air transport aircraft the U.S. Air Force with passengers on board. Shortly after take-off stations in the radiolocation service was sent pilots signal SOS. And an hour later at the same airport in San Diego landed in trouble freighter. When the ground officers opened the hatch, then horrified to see that all twelve passengers of the plane were dead. The only survivor was the commander, but he died a few minutes after landing. Dead military had strange burn wounds. Who paid them — it was not possible to find out. It was established during the investigation, the crew and passengers to use to protect their personal weapons. Aircraft skin had marks of bullets, as if people tried in vain to hit some evasive enemy.

With whom he met U.S. transport plane? American researcher Charles Fort in his book "The Book of the Damned" put forward the following hypothesis. In the atmosphere of the planet inhabited by strange jelly-like organisms. They resemble jellyfish and sea with tentacles can hunt creatures. American biologist at first the existence of such organisms is unthinkable. But after the National Livermore was created amazing stuff — "airgel", they reacted with great confidence to the ideas of Charles Fort. "Airgel" — a cross between a solid and gaseous states of matter and yet lighter than air. If the heavenly bodies are composed of jellyfish substance similar in its properties "airgel, they can live permanently in the upper parts of the atmosphere and hunt birds, and sometimes attack aircraft, which sit" protein being. "

Russian researchers unknown, followed by Academician V. Kaznacheev, long talked about the possibility of the existence of beings on this planet, which are the basis of life energy fields. It is likely that the energy forms of life were able to achieve a high level of development and are not "predatory jellyfish" floating in the ocean of air, and intelligent beings. In some Eastern mystical manuscripts that have come down to our time, such as "Bowl of Fire", refers to the earthly existence of intelligent races that do not have a solid body, but is a "fire clots."

We must accept the idea that the Earth we do well enough known only protein-nucleic form of life, but next to it there may be energy beings. And meeting them can end in tragedy. True, they can only exist in an energetically active regions of the planet, in a constant replenishment of energy, especially in places where the surface of the Earth to powerful electromagnetic fluxes, such as the magnetic poles of the planet.

On the meeting with such creatures said Yuri Korshunov, Member of the Soviet expedition to the South Pole. In 1959, a Soviet expedition, founded in Antarctica Mirny station, sent a group of six researchers closer to land in order to reach the South Magnetic Pole. Returned only two. "In the end — remember Yu Korshunov — we decided to tell the truth — too weighed on what happened. To my surprise, we believe. But because there was no conclusive evidence! "What happened in 1959? Soviet expedition for three weeks, without losing a minute to repair the machine, reached the South Magnetic Pole. "Everything went very well" — recalled Korshunov.

Trouble began for the expedition the next morning. Three hundred meters from the rover jumped out of nowhere and began to jump up like a soccer ball, ball of light! A few minutes passed, and the ball, as if seeing the polar slowly rolled to him, turning into a kind of sausage.

Expedition photographer Alexander Gorodetsky with camera in hand went forward. Suddenly, "sausage" stretched a narrow strip! Gorodetsky came around a glowing halo. He screamed terribly. Two shots rang out. Shot of senior Andrew Skobelev and expedition doctor Roman bush. Luminescent tape swelled in all directions sprayed sparks, and she disappeared with the explosion. The photographer was dead, his head, hands and back are charred.

Glowing orbs appeared again on the road in two days. They emerged suddenly at the height of several hundred meters, then slowly lower, closer to the people. Shrubs and Borisov started shooting rifles … Korshunov when recovered from the shock of the balls were gone, and the air was filled with the smell of ozone, as if after a heavy storm. Shrubs and Borisov lay dead in the snow, and the detachment chief Andrew Skobelev pressed his hands to his eyes, he could not remember and did not see anything … Prior to the Peace Chief of the detachment did not get — he died on the way back.

Ulyanovsk scientist Boris Solomin suggested that plasmoids — magnetic plasma structures are common in the universe and the formation of the Sun. The most important processes on the surface of our star — spots, flares — have magnetic plasma nature. When outbreaks occur on the Sun, from him in all directions at speeds of several hundred kilometers per second scatter plasma flows and magnetic plasma formation. Reaching the Earth, they tend to remain in the ionosphere. Earth's radiation belts — a real sanctuary for all kinds of magnetic plasma structures and even solar galactic origin. They may have a high degree of organization, show some signs of life and even intelligence. They live mainly in the Earth's radiation belts at high altitude, but can go down along the lines of the earth's magnetic field in the lower layers of the atmosphere, especially at the points where these lines intersect the surface of the most intense of the Earth — in areas of the magnetic poles.

Michael Taranov

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