Smart Stop appeared in Tambov

Now residents of Tambov, while at the bus stop, can accurately track the movement of public transport and to carry out various transactions, including the completion of cashless payment cards transport allowances.

Information about the arrival of the passenger transport equipped with GLONASS equipment, with an accuracy of 1 minute is displayed on one of the screens stopping terminal, a second screen involved a system of instant payments. "Smart Stop" is also equipped with video cameras to provide additional security for passengers, and soon the project will be installed and a speakerphone to the call emergency services.

At the moment there are 3 in Tambov pilot "Smart Stop" — "Drama Theatre" and "Adventureland" (on both sides of the movement) — which displays information about almost all routes of municipal and commercial vehicles. Financing of the project in terms of placement equipment is CB "Intercapital-Bank", and the connection of the communications — Administration of Tambov.

Until the end of 2011 in Tambov plan to install another 100 "Smart stops" at the expense of business. Total navigational and communications equipment is equipped with 450 units of transport Tambov and the Tambov region, the movement of which is controlled by the control center MAU "Passenger". In 2010, the "M2M telematics Tambov" introduced a navigation system of urban transport based on GLONASS "Tambov Navigation".

Also, the city was connected to an Internet service DorogaTV, allowing any device that has access to the Internet, find out the situation on the roads and the place the appearance of "blocks", see the location of the desired bus or a route trip. A website of the Administration of Tambov you can go to a service adapted to the program GOOGLE Earth and allows you to monitor location, route and direction of movement of passenger transport

"The introduction of interactive information services to the public transport system — the natural result of the work done by the introduction of passenger management system based on GLONASS in Tambov. Implementation of the system significantly increased the safety and quality of transport services, and the introduction of information services will help to demonstrate to passengers, which requires the GLONASS system and the benefits it can bring to them, "- said General Director of" M2M telematics Tambov "Nikolay Prokofiev.

According to the Executive Director of SC "M2M telematics" Alexei Smyatskih, the company continued systematic development of navigation and information systems in the Russian cities, paying particular attention to additional services for passengers. "Every city can choose which information services for passengers implement based on GLONASS / GPS-solutions, but remain unchanged task of improving security and quality of service for passengers," — emphasizes Alex Smyatskih.

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