SmartLabs’ put MTS IPTV-top boxes for the service Domestic TV


Following an open tender MTS, the operator has selected "SmartLabs' as a provider of IPTV-top boxes for the service" MTS Home TV. "

As noted, the MTS systematically develops interactive digital television services under the brand "MTS Home TV." In an open call operator opted for set-top boxes SML-292 manufactured by "SmartLabs" fully meet the requirements of the MTS in terms of functionality, reliability and quality.

Earlier this spring, the company "SmartLabs" successfully completed a contract for the supply of MTS IPTV-top box base model SML-282.

IPTV-prefix "SmartLabs» SML-292 Premium support the resolution of Full HD (1920×1080), and provide enhanced capabilities for connecting external devices due to the presence of two USB-ports, optical SPDIF, HDMI with HDCP, and other interfaces. In addition, these consoles are compatible with TVs and projectors for viewing high-definition TV (HDTV) format and content on the 3D, as the availability of support intelligent Adaptive Streaming technology makes it possible to use the console and in the OTT-solutions.

The use of set-top boxes SML-292 will provide customers with a wider range of IPTV-services as well as with the ability to embed in SML-292 Premium hard drive, provides access to a large number of additional services (Local PVR, PushVoD, PauseLiveTV).

Subscribers "Home TV MTS" provides the possibility of buying or using prefixes on loan.

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