Sokolskaya Shipyard launched the boat due to the Russian Navy

"Sokolskaya Shipyard" (Nizhny Novgorod region) launched the boat due to the Navy of Russia 1388NZ project designed to support the activities in the area of naval bases, transportation of personnel, supplies and parcel (up to 10 tons). Boat retooled the project of "Vympel", said the bureau.

The object has the following main characteristics: overall length — 48.66 m, overall width — 9 m, depth amidships — 4.18 m, total displacement — 419 tons, seaworthiness — up to 5 points, full speed — not less than 16 knots .

Nizhny Novgorod Design Bureau "Vympel" was founded in 1927 on the basis of the Leningrad branch of the Central Bureau of Maritime shipbuilding. Status of an independent organization, called "The State Office for the design of river and sea vessels," abbreviated "Rechsudoproekt 'offices acquired in 1930. To date, the "Vympel" is positioned in the Russian Federation as a universal design organizations — one of the leading design bureau of civil vessels of various types and purposes and auxiliary ships of the Navy.

Sokolskaya shipyard as shipbuilding company began its existence in 1902. The company has a boat ramp for lifting and lowering of vessels up to 1,000 tons of up to 70m. Over the past 10 years for the needs of the Ministry of Defense built and converted 7 of orders.

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