Southern Kuzbass has introduced a new lava, with 630 tons of reserves at the mine. VI Lenin


"Southern Kuzbass", a subsidiary of JSC "Mechel-Mining", reports that at the mine. VI Lenin commissioned lava 0-5-1-13.

Industrial reserves of coking coal in the new lava is 630 thousand tons per month of the stope will be issued to the surface of 70 thousand tons of coal. Length of lava is 160 meters, the length of the excavation pillar — 660 meters.

Investments of "Southern Kuzbass" in launching lava 0-5-1-13 made 165 million rubles. In particular, it was purchased by shearer 4LS-20 production of the English company JOY, designed for coal mining capacity of up to 4.5 meters. Combine 4LS-20 is equipped with an onboard computer, allowing for optimal performance of all units in the complex and changing environments. In addition, in the Kemerovo region located service center JOY and storage of spare parts, ease of maintenance of the equipment.

Lava 0-5-1-13 also equipped with wastewater treatment complex 2 KM-142, conveyor 'Angers — 30 "crusher DR-2500-800 reloader PSNR.

Testing of lava 0-5-1-13 team performs Andrew Vorotyntseva (part number 2, foreman Eugene Lapshtaev), the number of which is 70.


JSC "Mechel-Mining" — a subsidiary of JSC "Mechel", combining mining assets of the group. "Southern Kuzbass" (Kemerovo region), OJSC "HC" JAkutugol ", including Elga Coal Complex (Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), JSC" Korshunov GOK "(Irkutsk region), as well as" Mechel Bluestone "(USA, West VA) — subsidiaries of JSC "Mechel-Mining." In addition, the company includes two plants for the production of coke — Moscow Coke and Gas Plant and OOO "Mechel-Coke", working as a part of JSC "Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant."

"Mechel" is one of the leading Russian companies. Business "Mechel" consists of four segments: mining, steel, ferroalloy and power. "Mechel" unites producers of coal, iron ore, steel, rolled products, ferroalloys products, ferroalloys, thermal and electrical energy. Production of "Mechel" is implemented in the Russian and foreign markets.

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