Special fire mode is entered in all the Samara region

The authorities of the Samara region on Tuesday introduced in the region of particular fire regime during the action which establishes additional requirements for fire safety, the press service of regional government.

"The special fire mode will run until August 31 this year. Forests are traditionally prohibited plant fires, throw burning matches, cigarette butts, leave greasy or soaked with gasoline, kerosene, or other flammable substances materials," — said in a statement.

Special fire mode provides community involvement to locate fires outside the boundaries of settlements, such as creating fire mineralized bands.

Upon the occurrence of the fourth and fifth (maximum) class fire danger in the municipalities will be a ban on the entry of vehicles and residence in the woods. Also prohibited from conducting activities related to a fire in the forests, the use of fireworks and fire effects in buildings and outdoors.

Violators special fire regime faces an administrative fine.

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