Special fire mode is entered in Astrakhan to late summer

Special fire mode is entered in Astrakhan from Tuesday until the end of the summer due to forest fires, told RIA Novosti press service of the regional GUMCHS.

"The regime involves tightening of norms and rules of fire safety, in particular, the prohibition of kindling fires on the ground and mow the grass, the obligation of municipalities to organize opashku territory as well as increasing the size of administrative fines for violations in this area twice," — said .

He clarified that the penalty for the citizens in this period will be up to four thousand, on officials — up to 30 thousand rubles for legal entities — 500 thousand rubles.

"This regime is introduced in order to prevent large fires in the region, given the fact that, according to meteorologist region, the region remains the highest (fifth) class of fire," — said the representative of the Ministry for Emergencies.

The temperature in the city, he said, the day reaching 29 degrees Celsius.

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