Special fire mode is entered in the Sverdlovsk region

Sverdlovsk Oblast authorities have introduced a special fire safety in 45 municipalities in the region — in the whole region there is a high fire risk fourth grade, said on Wednesday the governor of the department of information policy in the region.

After the cancellation of May 10 special fire safety conditions throughout the region to local governments of municipalities were encouraged to establish a special fire safety in their own areas, depending on the fire situation.

"In fourth grade, fire danger forest needs special care for him" — are reported words of the director of the Forestry Department of the Sverdlovsk region, Vladimir Schlegel.

On behalf of the acting governor of the region Yevgeny Kuyvasheva regional government continues daily to coordinate actions to prevent and respond rapidly to emerging forest fires, said the department.

Over the past weekend in the area there was a forest fire 41. Hot Monday gave another 14 fires. Tuesday extinguished in 11 forest fires. Wednesday is extinguishing fires six, five of which are in Garinskom forestry. In the fire involved 253 men and 41 units forest fire equipment.

Overall, since the beginning of fire season in 2012 in the forests of the state forest fund Sverdlovsk region recorded 319 forest fires that have been an area of over 2.6 hectares.

"The fault of man and unknown reasons in the forest area of 281 fire originated. Unknown causes forest fire often indicates the actions of people in the woods, but there is no clear evidence of this," — the report says.

The cause of the seven forest fires this year was the work of loggers, 11 arose from the burning of dry grass in the fields, 13 came to the forest from the railways and power lines, and only one fire was due to lightning. The remaining forest fires came to the forest of the surrounding areas, according to the department.

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