Special fire mode is entered throughout the Altai Mountains

Forest fires in the Altai Mountains. Photo: http://www.wwf.ru

The Head of the Altai Republic Alexander Berdnikov due to worsening fire situation on Friday introduced a special fire safety in the entire region, the territorial subsystem republic translated into ready mode number one, told RIA Novosti GUMCHS the region.

Earlier, the Ministry of Forestry in the region stated that because of fire hazard during the winter with little snow comes this year much earlier than usual, and will be busy. Specialists said that in terms of forest fires republic expects "difficult season". And the head of the republic Alexander Berdnikov at a meeting of regional CSF said that fire-dangerous period in the country may require a number of emergency measures, including a ban on public access to the forest. On Thursday, the region suffered a major fire, the area of which was, according to prosecutors, about one thousand acres. The fire was stopped at 200 meters from the village. Special fire regime on April 9 was introduced in four districts of the Altai Mountains.

"On Friday, April 13 to 18 hours due to the deterioration of fire-danger situation, the head of the Altai Republic Alexander Berdnikov decided to introduce a special fire safety conditions throughout the country. Territorial subsystem of the Altai Republic transferred to the mode of operation" Ready Room 1. "All the forces and means designed for fire fighting, are in constant readiness to respond to a fire, "- said the source.

He stressed that the duration of the special fire safety conditions, are prohibited from visiting forest, hunting and fishing, camp fires in the woods, igniting the dry grass, and garbage near the residential areas. Organized duty officers of local governments and law enforcement personnel to patrol for Human Settlements and surrounding area.

"In case of breach of the provisions of the Government of the Altai Republic to introduce a special fire safety conditions, the perpetrators will be brought to administrative responsibility. Under special fire regime of penalties for being in forests and fires increase manifold," — said the representative office.

According to RIA Novosti on Friday, a representative of the Republican Ministry of Forestry, currently operating in the country there is no fire. This year, from the beginning of the fire season there were 36 fires, their area was 117.61 hectares. As explained by RIA Novosti, the representative of the Ministry on the phone, a large fire near the village of Upper Karaguzh occurred in the lands of "other categories", and therefore is not ranked in the overall statistics.

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