Special fire regime introduced in the areas of Tomsk region

Governor of Tomsk region introduced in several parts of the region a special fire safety, told reporters on Tuesday, Deputy Governor Andrew Trubitsyn.

According to the regional GUMCHS, for the last day in the region occurred 11 forest fires on a total area of over 300 hectares. Now there are ten areas of forest fires on the total area of 536 hectares.

"Signed by order of the governor's administration in a number of southern and central areas of special fire-fighting mode. Situation on fire very heavy: the beginning of the year has not been a single natural source of fire, all of this — the work of man. Impression is that this is deliberate carelessness. necessary to catch the people who create these precedents, and to punish, "- said Trubitsyn.

He said that the fire regime in force since May 14. In particular, all fines are doubled in a special mode pass intelligence, increased patrols.

The deputy chief of the Tomsk region GUMCHS Michael Begun, the situation is aggravated by environmental conditions.

"There is a deterioration in the weather — strong winds. This is always mentioned, and all the same people arrange arson. So, on May 13 arrested a woman who was cleaning in his dacha, podgrebla the garbage to the fence, set on fire, the fire and the wind swung to the nearest landfill . There was a threat of fire, it was possible to prevent it. She faces a fine of 2,000 rubles. If it had happened on May 14, the penalty would have been 4,000 rubles, "- said the representative of the Ministry for Emergencies.

On Monday it was reported that all the crews fire service fire service MOE Tomsk aimed at extinguishing fires in urban areas due to the sharp increase in the number of fires due to the dry weather.

Earlier fire regime was introduced in Tomsk and Tomsk region. In addition, the governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin banned the uncontrolled burning of dry vegetation to prevent forest fires.

In 2011, the region Fired 7,3 thousand hectares of forest, which is ten times more than in 2010. With 40% of the fires occurred due to the fault of the local population, 19% — from storms, 9% — from selhozpalov. Most affected by the fires in 2011, Tomsk, and Verkhneketskyi Shegarsky areas.

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