Spider, which is able to create its own copy



Fake spider on which it sits a small and almost imperceptible creator owned, as scientists believe, a previously unknown species of spiders Cyclosa

Recently, in the Amazon jungle has been found a new kind of spider that is able to create your own copy — apparently in order to use her as bait.

Scientists believe that a new species of spiders belonging to the family Cyclosa. These spiders have long been known for its construction and skulptorskimi talents, but the spider was making its own copy of all the many-limbed …

Scientists report that found the web, which seemed to be sitting dead spider the size of about 2.5 cm and suddenly this dead spider began to move. On closer examination, the spider was a hoax — though quite skillfully done. But even this was not the most surprising.

Scientists were shocked to find that the fake spider drives the spider sitting at a distance much smaller, which pulled the web like a real puppet master.

Nothing like a spider previously noted.

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