Spring and fall, Revolution and Counter-Revolution

Spring and fall, Revolution and Counter-Revolution

In Russia celebrated the 95th anniversary of the October Revolution, and again Syria buries slain. In the district of Damascus Mezze-86 — two outright disaster.

November 5 in a densely populated quarter of an explosion of a car bomb. 10s people were killed, about hundreds of the wounded. In the middle of the victims — a lot of kids. One shell hit the house. Second burst in the parking lot of public transportation.

A day of early November 7th district was shelled with mortars. And again there is the dead and wounded. Three people, including a woman, were killed immediately. 7 the wounded were hospitalized, three of them in a critical condition.
In addition, on November 7 in Damascus there was another terrorist attack — in the Al-Vurud. The strategy is the same gang — the explosion of a car bomb. 11 people were killed, including ladies and kids, 57 were wounded.

On the same day committed shelling Palestinian refugee camps "Yarmuk" mortar — in the end two dead and 10's the wounded. This is not the bandits first time the Palestinians are taking revenge for the fact that they are not adjacent to the bloody "revolution."

Once again, taking the word "revolution"In quotes, again I can not help thinking that I was brought up with young people on the reference of the revolution. It was for us a sacred word. We've learned by heart the verses of the Revolution — majestically on October Socialist Revolution, wrote congratulations to the stately October Revolution, read the stories and complete the epic about it. We can say with milk mom suck the Revolution — is sacred.

And now the world is the word defiled. Now "revolutions" are called revolutions to please the West and the U.S., where frenzied crowd, not realizing that kill their same country storm the parliament and television center, in order to put a puppet government of NATO. Either stand on the "maidans" to bury the idea of Slavic brotherhood. Or, now that the strategy of overseas filmmakers changed — they are converted is not just a frenzied crowd, and gangs, and significantly adding to their ranks filth from all over the world are going to shoot their own as brothers and ruining the country in which were born and raised, and calling on the heads of its people NATO bombs.

I remembered how, during a trip to Homs had found the book "The Spring of humanity." It was destroyed during the "revolution" quarter of Bab Amr. Quarter of this for a long time was under the control of bandits. In the former library and they had a torture chamber and held hostage there. Lay helplessly on the floor is not necessary bandits books. And my attention was lured some books whose names are not written in Arabic script, and Slavic characters. At first, I thought for this Russian book, but it turned out that the Bulgarian. And one of the books — the Russian and Bulgarian. This edition of the "Spring of mankind" with verses Russian and Bulgarian poets devoted Lofty October. Poetry Russian poets are given in the original and in translation Bulgarian poets, and vice versa. I could not leave this book lying around in the library torn to pieces and took with him.
Spring humanity … and it — about October, cool and nepogozhy month, which, nevertheless, has brought hope not only to our people, and many, many others … The title is taken from the book of poems of Mayakovsky:

And, as spring's population,
Born in the works and in the battle,
I sing to my homeland,
My Republic.

And what happens in the Arab world — called "Arab spring", but the process has already brought many do not hope and disappointment, not light, and the darkness did not improve life and death. It's not spring, it's autumn's population. It is not revolution, and counter-revolution. This is — the same as in our country to have a gang trying to strangle the young Soviet country. As in Central Asia operated bandits, trying not to give way to modern life. As already later in western Ukraine acted Bandera gang killing best people. Syrian rebels — specifically the direct heirs of the counter-revolutionary gangs, not once bedeviling our country.

I open the book, found in the ruins of the Syrian town of Homs, and read poems of the poet Bulgarian Dimitar Metodieva:

Whenever a Country … One order —
And a fierce enemy who does not understand mercy,
Fiercely would move us
Sea and air armada.
Whenever CountryBut … there is,
The mighty and proud country,
Invincible Country Soviets.
And do not yell at us robbers,
And you say it firmly: — Reversing! —
Thou shalt preserve peace for the whole planet.

With such profound and sincere hope of looking at our country Bulgarian author … Once of the Soviet Union is gone, the enemy, not truly understanding mercy, many countries have already moved his armada, their aircraft and missiles. And the robbers shouting angrily at anyone who dares not submit to their will, and some to click them to "Back off!". As a result, we have a terrible catastrophe Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya — since there was no mighty and proud country, which would save the world for these countries and for the entire planet.

At the moment, our homeland, as yet uncertain and insecure, taking a step forward, two steps back, still shaky whisper enemy "Back" — and only because Syria has not rained bombs and missiles "democratizers. But even if such an uncertain, but still trying to be independent of Russian policy has suspended (or stopped for a time) the NATO direct anger against another sovereign country — which still will be when Russia will revive and will be able to read in whole voice? How podozhmut tails all the world's dragons! And at the moment with deep and sincere hope Syrians look at us.

But the poetry of Ilya Selvinsky of the same books, salvaged from the ruins of the Syrian quarter:

Well what cowards and lied
About the death of gossip?
Destroy Russia — which means
Take away the hope of Earth.

Here, in Damascus, every day I walk past the inscriptions on the Russian language, "Thank you, Russia" on one of the houses. Means has not been taken away hope at the Earth, have not killed our homeland. And, going by the Syrian capital, and not knowing what the subsequent building will be blown up by bandits, I believe that Syria will not be killed by any counter-revolution, no intervention. It certainly overcome, in spite of all the conspirators. Because someone has to stand in the middle of the coming of darkness, to be born somewhere new light and new girl spring.

Congratulations stateliness of October, our homeland!

With the future victory, Syria!

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