ST Nizhegorodets launched production of sandwich panels insulated vans

The company "ST Nizhegorodets" launched unique to the region of Nizhny Novgorod production of sandwich panels for the production of thermally insulated vans.

Freight transport market is growing faster than the market of passenger transport, because of the limited duty chassis require more advanced manufacturing technology vans, rather than applied today in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Significantly reduces the cost and time of manufacture vans in the transition to the sandwich panel of its own production, and only succeeded in making their own guaranteed to eliminate various defects.

Ltd. "ST Nizhegorodets" — one of the largest Russian enterprises for the production of buses and special vehicles for different purposes based on the chassis of commercial vehicles leading international and Russian brands. The modern production facilities, LLC "ST Nizhegorodets", equipped with all the necessary equipment can produce more than 6,000 cars a year. 

On the portion of the body number 4 "ST Nizhegorodets" works membrane press, which allows to make a sandwich panel of up to 12 m thickness of all components of the sandwich panels is maintained very precisely using imported equipment, and that there was no "steps" in thickness between the panels. To increase the payload capacity, to "Nizhegorodtsev" pass on the technology of maximum relief panels used in aviation and shipbuilding. Weight of panels nearly 1.5 times lighter panels old design. To connect the panels are not used bolts and rivets, glue all connections (using adhesives firm Schmitz Cargobull AG), there is no "heat bridges." Thermal conductivity van suitable for the transport of frozen products (up to -20 º C). In addition, new equipment allows to produce shaped (bent) sandwich panels, for example, the roof panel that almost no one in Russia does not.

Also at the "ST Nizhegorodets" organized the production of manufactured goods vans. Manufactured goods wagons will be manufactured on an advanced "mobile" technology. The technology of production "kits" vans that can be disassembled to be forwarded to dealers, and they will already be collecting boxes for customers, the freight will be significantly cheaper than the assembled van. Such technology is now widely used overseas. In 2011, "ST Nizhegorodets" collected about 400 trucks, and in 2012 it is planned to increase the number to 700-800. Of these, about 50% — of insulated sandwich panels.

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