Stand, bl …!

February 4, 2012 in Russia there was what happened in February 1917 and August 1991.

Out came the silent majority. And shouted: "Stop, bl …!"

This is the same majority that many times in Russian history was silently confident that all will resolve itself, it worries the authorities, Cossacks, and special forces, because well, not so well, it's funny and somehow even in something as none of my business, I did nothing wrong because he did not do that and what am I going to freak out and people laugh.

That same majority, which then are surprised every time — it's gone to quite a Useful country that's only because it was right there with all its annexed alleged nature of these facilities and nishtyaki. Twice in the twentieth century the silent majority was enough to not remain silent now.

To do that same majority made in June 41th — do not pass the Land of the enemy. 



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