Stavropol put under voltage substation radio factory and PS-4


Immediately two important energy units added distribution grid complex branch of JSC "MRSC of North Caucasus" — "Stavropol". Placed under voltage transformer stations "Radio Plant" and "PS-4" on stage — substation "Baklanovskaya", "Raguli", "NPS-5."


"Radiozavod" faithfully served the city for more than 30 years of Mikhailovsky. But the growth in energy consumption has forced management "Stavropol" decide not just about the reconstruction of the substation and its radical modernization with an increase in transformer capacity, and hence the voltage class. If the above voltage class PS "Radio Plant" was 35 kilovolts (kV), now running into service station has a class of 110 kV. 

Reliable electricity supply residents and agro-industrial zone Mikhailovsk provide two transformers with total capacity of 50 megavoltamper (MVA). Outdoor switchgear installed a modern gas-insulated equipment kommutatsonnoe. Operation of the equipment provide modern facilities of relay protection and automation microprocessor-based (such as "Sirius" and "Orion").

But if the sub-station "Radio Plant" will provide a reliable power supply of the city Mikhailovsky, other substations are designed to supply electricity to major interstate project — The Caspian Pipeline Consortium. The northern part of our region was optimal from a geographical point of view of the route for the laying of the pipeline through which the "black gold" reaches the oil port on the Black Sea. Bleeding is carried through the pipeline "Tengiz-Novorossiysk pipeline." In order to pump Caspian oil from the fields to the oil terminal in Novorossiysk, you need the full length of the pipeline to build a chain of pumping stations (NPS) .. As part of the increase in capacity of the pipeline a few years ago it was decided to build two NPCs in the Stavropol region. One of them — "NPS-4" just put under strain by experts Svetlogradskye electrical networks "Stavropol." New substation is equipped with the most modern equipment. Two power transformers with total capacity of 80 MVA will provide reliable power supply pumping equipment. As part of "stuffing" of the SS not only become traditional for this class of gas-insulated switchgear substations and microprocessor equipment, including disturbance recorder type "Aura-96." Given the fact that the SS "NPS-4" is located in a high-icing, outdoor switchgear 110 kV mounted rectifier ice melting DC (UVPG) — is an engineering solution designed to maximize the efficiency modes of melting ice on the wires overhead power line in winter. By the way, this is the first time that UVPG DC substations "Stavropol". Quality of electric energy monitors mounted battery static compensators. One of the components of the grid connection project of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium to the grid "Stavropol" is a reconstruction of the outdoor switchgear (ORU) 110 kilovolt transformer substation 110/35/10 kV "Safe" in Izobilnenskaya near Stavropol. Outdoor switchgear mounted 7 modern gas switches with built-in current transformers, disconnectors 20, 2 PTs, as well as other electrical equipment. Particular attention is paid to the introduction of modern energy resources microprocessor relay protection and automation and telemetry data transmission.

In the scheme of ORU applied the so-called rigid busbar, greatly improves the reliability of the equipment. This is done by taking into account the special requirements for security of supply imposed oil industry. Installed equipment of a 110 kV Substation "Safe" fully meets current technical trends in the construction of substations such purpose. Today, work began on the connection of ORU-110 PS "Safe" to an overhead power line 110 kV. Thus, "Stavropol" is working at full speed on grid connection facilities of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium to the main power line of 110 kV. The next step — the completion of the SS "Raguli", "NPS-5", a number of other energy.

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