Steel silk

Good news for those who are building. Appeared roofing material "Steel silk", which is easy to compete with foreign counterparts, but are much lower in price, as produced in Russia. One of the considerable advantages of "Steel Silk" is that the selection of material is possible especially under the climatic conditions of the customer.

Of course, the roofing material "Steel silk" meets all the requirements of environmental safety and fire resistance, available in different color schemes, has a warranty, easy to use, meets the standards and norms of Europe and Russia.

So far unique "steel silk" in Russia were not issued. Foreign materials do not stand up to scrutiny because of the high prices, and Russian — because of the quality.

"Steel silk" is made of steel, after which it is applied zinc coating, and then laminated polymeric coating. Galvanizing material carried on the line Severgal, unique for the Russian equipment, the products can be using in any region, will pick up to your climate. Beautiful durable material, you can choose colors which you like.

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