Step into a great future: Kaliningrad’s introduced a new tram

Three-piece train Polish company PESA will be released on line in December of this year.

The long-awaited update of the Kaliningrad tram park was designed in the now familiar tradition. PCR "KaliningradGorTrans" presented new car in Victory Square — as previously demonstrated for the first time citizens new "trolley-grasshopper" from the factory "Belkommunmash." On Sunday, October 7, the Ming green trolley has also been exhibited in the main square of the city, but all the attention he is not getting any Kaliningradians or even the new bus Polish production, and, of course, the future of "changer" usual city trams, which brought out Baranov last night.

Refurbishment of the park will be engaged in the Kaliningrad Polish company PESA — the largest manufacturer of various rail and tram vehicles in the neighboring country. New car cost just under half a million euros (funds for streetcar "in half" collected municipal and regional authorities) will be released on Kaliningrad rails in mid-December and will be used on the route number 5. It should be noted that the Kaliningrad "residence" will receive no specific tram, shown at the Victory Square, and its counterpart, adapted to the city's meter track. However, the coloring of the Kaliningrad new items will be absolutely identical showpiece: According to the authorities, in the future of urban transport will be the yellow-red.

Three-section Tram PESA Swing a meter longer than usual for Kaliningrad Two-section "Tatra", and also has a greater number of seats — 34 versus 31. The Polish train more space for standing passengers, and has provided all the "features" of the modern streetcar — including soft folding "sedentary" and even "stand-up" places (such passenger can, if desired, even a belt buckle), and dynamically updates the display with the scheme route and monitors. Finally, the Polish tram will not be cold in winter and hot in summer: the car is equipped with a powerful "stove" and air conditioning.

Kaliningrad PESA will be considerably "more humane" than its predecessors. Low-floor car should facilitate entry and exit for passengers, and easy tilt-ramps will facilitate access to the lounge with disabilities. In addition, the Polish tram is going to be reliable — the manufacturer estimates the service life of thirty years and provides a full guarantee on Kaliningrad car for five years. The important role played by the price of the tram PESA: cars analogs "Siemens" and "sat" are almost twice as expensive — about three million euros.

Participating in the presentation of officials reacted with enthusiasm to the future of Kaliningrad tram. Thus, the regional governor Nikolai Cukanov noted that "normal European city to have a normal transport" and asked Kaliningradians "to protect it is expensive." In turn, the head of Alexander Yarashuk noted that the tram waiting for good prospects — he said that in the future the city will walk new cars, trams and Kaliningrad will become "the best in Russia."

Earlier, it was planned that produce trams for Kaliningrad will plant "Belkommunmash", but in August the director of PCR "KaliningradGorTrans" Anatoly Amanita reported that Belarusians have decided not to produce trucks for the city and that this Poles are going to do.

Note also that the earlier the head of Alexander Yarashuk stated that Kaliningrad tram waiting for "the great and wonderful future" and promised to upgrade all rolling up to 3 — 4 years.

We also recall that the last time new trams for Kaliningrad were purchased during the Soviet era in Prague. "The last on our balance sheet received cars" second hand ", that is second-hand. In 1995 and 1998, were purchased by two trams from Germany, since the park has not been updated, "- said the head of the tram-trolleybus company, Oleg Cherednychenko.

I'd add that the news first update of the city public transport. Trams are purchased abroad because of the narrow-gauge tram other than Russian standards (except Kaliningrad is a track only in Pyatigorsk).

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