Storm cut down the major European data centers Amazon and Microsoft

Lightning strikes on Sunday night cut down the largest European data centers Amazon and Microsoft, located in Dublin (Ireland).

In the case of the Amazone, it led to the downfall of many sites that use the "cloud" platform, Amazon EC2. Lightning struck a transformer near the data center of the company, which led to the explosion, fire — and complete blackout of electricity in the data center. The explosion also made it impossible to connect emergency generators, as the system itself has suffered management.

Currently, services are restored, but from the reports of technical support, are still problems with access to the "cloud" EC2, RDS databases and statistical service Amazon CloudWatch.

Meanwhile, Microsoft said in his Twitter that an attack on their data center stripped of user access service Business Productivity Online Suite. Morning service is working again, according to the same twitter.

According to Data Center Knowledge, a leading city of Dublin was a "window to Europe" for U.S. IT-companies due to a number of factors, including not only a good location, but the climatic conditions (the use of cold air "from the street" instead of the energy-cost coolers). That's why Microsoft built the one of the world's largest data center area 550.0000 square feet. Here, in Dublin, Amazon opened in 2008, its main European data center.

It is worth noting that at the end of last week, scientists have noticed a few strong explosions on the sun, predicted electromagnetic storms and other trouble for satellites and telecoms — just on this weekend and the next few days. So the problem with data centers in Dublin, probably not the last climate troubles for the IT-industry this summer.

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