Strange character revealed the secret of ancient pyramids

January 2, 2012 9:08

Egypt is associated to us in the first place with the famous pyramids, pharaohs was a shrine. Contact them host of puzzles, for example, how in the construction of the ancient Egyptians, who did not have at their disposal today's advanced technology, managed to raise a massive stone blocks to the height?
But there is a written explanation of this phenomenon, but until recently, historians gave it little importance, since it was composed in relatively recent times, in the year 425 BC. Its author — famous Herodotus of Asia Minor. It's about the notes he wrote during his travels in Egypt.

"The method used consisted of the build steps, or as some call it — in rows or terraces — Herodotus. — When building a foundation has been completed, the next row of blocks above the base rose from the ground level with devices made of short wooden levers, and on this first series had a friend that lifted blocks on one level, so step by step blocks rising higher and above.
Each row or level has its own set of mechanisms of the same type that are easy to move loads from level to level. Completion of construction of the pyramid starts at the top with the top level, continued down, and ended most lower levels that are closer to the earth. "

These records Herodotus read many people, but none of them did not realize that it is not about a mechanism much like today's crane, and on a set of individual devices for each layer. Therefore, the principle of building the pyramids for a long time and remained unexplained.
Until clues dug American amateur archaeologist Ron Wyatt, whose hobby was the study of biblical history. Trying to decipher the ancient Egyptian inscriptions to understand the history of dynasties, Ron pointed character, indicating that the construction of the pyramids used a reduced set of levers. The researcher decided to sketch the mechanism in such a way as to represent himself. And I suddenly realized that the principle amazingly simple!

Following the description given by Herodotus, Wyatt minutes built a working model of the lift from strips cut from the carton. Then with the help of his family and friends he has made several models of the mechanisms of wood. They were convinced that such a device is really easy to lift heavy loads! So that the principle of building the pyramids became more or less clear.

The fall of 1978, Ron Wyatt showed his wooden platform at the international trade show in Nashville (Tennessee). Look at the exhibits gathered professional archaeologists, Egyptologists, historians, and just curious spectators. Their faces expressed skepticism: no one believed that a wooden mechanism really can lift weights. However, soon they could not believe their eyes: the mechanism actually works! The news immediately hit the local media, and was also distributed information agency "Associated Press."

In early spring 1979, Ron has sent several of its models to Egypt, signing with Nassef Mohamed Hassan, who was then as director of archaeological research. Seeing the diagram showing the process of building the pyramids, Nassef was delighted and immediately gave permission to establish mechanisms for high pyramid of Khafre in Giza.
Thus, Wyatt was able to demonstrate the technique of building directly on the object — the pyramid. The story of this shot the TV News "Nippon Tee Vee", and soon Nassef and Wyatt was invited to speak at the transfer station "Voice of America".
Discovery produced a sensation. Earlier, Egyptian archaeologists have found the wooden parts of a device, the destination of which scientists could not explain. By the time of the events described finding was kept in the Cairo Museum. After reading the release Ron Wyatt, the researchers came to the unanimous conclusion that these were the very arms with which to build the pyramids? The testers concluded that such a device is capable of lifting loads weighing more than 100,000 pounds (45.4 tonnes). We can assume that the puzzle of building pyramids solved!

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