Styrene started a third unit for the production of ammonia

On December 8, Gorlovka PAO "Concern" Styrene "started a third unit for the production of ammonia, which was idle for three years. As the head of the Supervisory Board of PJSC "Stirol" Alexander Hulin, after removing the "Styrene" at 100% capacity utilization, the company daily produces 4,500 tonnes of liquid ammonia, 3 million tons of urea and 2,200 tons of ammonium nitrate.


Full capacity utilization "Styrene" will increase the production of nitrogen fertilizers for the domestic market as well as to increase exports. The most attractive markets for the supply of nitrogen fertilizer for today are the U.S. and European countries.

Total volume of investments in 2011, the owner of the business head of the Board of directors of Group DF Dmytro Firtash to the restoration and development of the "Styrene" has exceeded 420 million hryvnia. In particular, the recovery operation is idle ammonia plant was only invested 120 million hryvnia, said "boiler room," the press service of PJSC "Stirol".

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PJSC "Stirol" noted that when Firtash in September 2010, became the proprietor of the concern "Styrene", the company is in a precarious condition. In particular, at the time of purchase of the enterprise Dmitry Firtash production of ammonium nitrate and ammonia plant one idle for two years. "By investing Dmitry Firtash, the year the company was on its feet. Was resumed production of ammonium nitrate and commissioned all the units of ammonia, "- said Alexander Hulin.

According to Alexander Halina, during the past year the number of employees was increased by 50% — up to 4270 people in September 2011 against 2,800 in June 2010. Also, a half-fold increase in the average salary of employees, "Styrene".

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Concern "Styrene" is one of the largest producers of nitrogen fertilizers.

In December 2010, the Chairman of the Board of directors of Group DF Dmitry Firtash said that "Styrene" will be displayed at 100% capacity utilization by the end of 2011.

Firtash is the owner of "Rivneazot", "Styrene" Severodonetsk and Cherkassy "Nitrogen". In 2011, their modernization Firtash has invested about 1 billion hryvnia. Firtash plans to invest in the modernization and development of the four nitrogen enterprises still 1.7-1.8 bln.

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