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GC "SU-155" and the German company Vollert (Vollert) entered into contracts for the supply of equipment, installation and training for the modernization of two plants for the production of concrete products in the framework of the program of technical re-equipment of industrial and construction groups in the 2013-14.

The new equipment will improve the quality of products, as well as double volume production of concrete products for Tula "Plant large parts" and increase it by 40% Odintsovoenterprise "Construction Industry".

The amount of investment in rubles is approximately 450 million.


The Tula access area will be equipped with two Robotic lines: one — to produce three-layer, insulated panels for the construction of residential buildings, the second — for the manufacture of interior walls and floor slabs.

Today produced Tula by the enterprise for the year allows you to build 250 thousand square meters. m of residential space. With the new equipment this figure will increase to 500 thousand square meters. m per year, or will be about 30 thousand cubic meters. m concrete products per month.

On Odintsovskom Concrete work "Construction Industry" equipment will be installed only on the production of interior walls and floor slabs. German industrial robots will increase the production of precast concrete by 40%. Average monthly production on a date more than 20 thousand cubic meters. m concrete.

German equipment allows you to easily change the parameters of manufactured products, which gives the SC "SU-155" an opportunity not only to solve the current problems on the production of components for houses its own series of I-155, but also easy to reconfigure equipment to produce products for new projects in the future. At the same equipment by Vollert has a high level of automation, which minimizes the impact of human factors on the production and provides high quality surface finished products, eliminates chipped, uneven.

The concept of modernization of industrial enterprises GC "SU-155" for 2013-2014. suggests modernization of more than a dozen organizations for the production of building materials and components for the construction industry, machine-building plants. On the program of modernization of GC "SU-155" only in the current, 2013, plans to spend about 4 billion rubles. Over the past 12 years in the reconstruction of the enterprise group has invested about 27 billion rubles.


About the Company:

"SU-155" — a group of industrial and construction companies and the industry leader with a closed production cycle.

The group of companies "SU-155" — one of the largest Russian construction company, which was started nearly 60 years ago.

The Group maintains its recent history with April 1993, when the decision of the personnel were registered Company "SU-155". In April 2013, the Civil Code, "SU-155" celebrates twentieth anniversary. In the State Company "SU-155" includes 85 industrial enterprises and construction organizations. Today, GK, "SU-155" has been working in the 50 cities and Russia, CIS and Europe. The Group companies employ about 40 thousand people. Turnover GC "SU-155" for 2012 amounted to 84.3 billion rubles. Each year, construction companies, members of the Civil Code, "SU-155", erect up to 1.5 million square feet. m of residential and commercial real estate. Portfolio have already been implemented and future projects — more than 17.4 million square meters. m

GC "SU-155" builds houses and lots of modern-155mm, I-155N, I-155Mk, I-155B, IP-46, SPT, developed by designers group of companies.

GC "SU-155" is a backbone element in the construction industry in Russia, and has significant production, expertise and scientific potential.

Size and geography of the business group determines its important social role in the solution of state tasks to ensure public housing.

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