Subscribed for Grigory Lukashenko


"I've heard there will be elections. Possibility one — the one candidate. And the other possibility — at rest."

Man: "So, for Lukashenko signed up yet, come to my representatives. Lukashenko Only for now, more than for anyone. On the possibility can not say I do not know. One thing I will say that any information we do not have: in addition to Lukashenko — has seen, no one came more. "

Woman: "We know about the company, but did not sign. Nobody know yet, apart from the president (laughs) today."

"Yes, I know, came to us, I voted for Lukashenko Grigory. I think it should be — equal opportunities. Is there? I can not say I do not know."

Woman: "We have not decided yet. We know that for our president is collected."

Her friend: "You have just do not show on TV."

"We are not very interested in politics, old already, retired."

Young man"With the names, perhaps, more difficult, and that the campaign is — yes, we know. I signed up for one candidate, the name just popped out of my head — listen to who he is, and that's all for now on this one. Regarding the issue of possible, starting with the financial capacity and finishing a post, our president here apart from the competition. "

Man: "I'll do for our current president. President still has a president, the possibility, of course, the president has."

Young people: "I know that the election campaign started, and do not know all the candidates. Chances are, I think, are equal."

Mr."Run know Kastusiou, Neklyaeva. To collect signatures, perhaps, equal opportunity, if you count the street."

Elderly man: "At the bazaar was seen — I do not remember who to collect. I watched Central Russia, where deputies say all who oppose Lukashenko — they are pro-Western … In my house, there was no such that for Lukashenko went to sign."

Man: "In the market for a certain candidate collected signatures, do not know for what. Interest we have this no. Lukashenka has, I think, will be more signatures, but candidates must be more."

Young people:
"I'm not involved in politics, politically neutral, I will not vote. I say, Jehovah's Witness, so do not get involved in politics. Believe anyone would choose, would still be the same, no meaning."

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