Sun City in the Astrakhan region

Astrakhan power began installation of equipment for power generation of solar energy in Narimanov region, the equipment will start after a month or two, told the governor Alexander Zhilkin.

The project is based on a portfolio of solar cells, called "Sun City" and the cost to be about $ 70 million rubles.

"Funds allocated only from the regional budget. This experiment, which we show to the Russian government in the future will offer the federal budget to co-finance access to alternative energy in hot regions. Field of solar panels, which will last for the entire city Narimanov", — Said the head of the region.

According to him, by the end of August, the builders have to complete the assembly of the main structures and capacities is to start in October this year.

"The sun will, of course, the fall is not as aggressive, but nothing. All the same, it is a real reduction in tariffs. In particular, tariffs and hot water will be cheaper ", — Jilkin said.

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