Superjet of the ax — another lie the media

Analysis of some statements from the article MK

Quote: "While the number was imposed, it was revealed that the SSJ 100 was another fault — failure to clean the chassis on the flight Donetsk-Moscow. After that, the leaders of the flight and engineering services of the Russian carrier stopped operation SSJ 100 ".

"According to data provided by the Federal Agency of Air Transport airline" Aeroflot ", information about the suspension of the operation of the aircraft type RRJ-95B does not correspond to reality," — Alexander Neradko, head of the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Quote: "At the same time the European Aviation Safety Agency — EASA — stop the power of attorney to sign the documents airworthiness French company« Messier Dowty »- chassis supplier for the SSJ 100 — and sent to the Russian commission to investigate the causes of failures."

In response to an article that appeared in the press, Mr. Marc Sorel, head of the Safran group in Russia, said that the holder of the certificate is the leading developer of EASA — JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft", and not the company Messier-Bugatti-Dowty (Safran group ). The chassis is fully functional and has regular technical inspection. In any case, safety is not in question. Representatives of Messier-Bugatti-Dowty has analyzed the mentioned technical incident and are now engaged in solving this. Safran Group reserves the right to judicial protection due to inaccurate information published.
Adoption «EASA sent the Russian commission to investigate the causes of failures" is not true.

Quote: "Another state that is often mentioned in connection with the SSJ-100, — Indonesia, where on May 9 last year, it took a disaster … […] There needs parametric recorder, which the Russians do not have to look for some reason and left. Later, he found the Indonesians'

According to the official, "The final report on the results of the investigation of the crash" Dry »RRJ-95B, registration number 97004, which crashed on Mount Salak, West Java, May 9, 2012" prepared by the National Committee of Indonesia Transportation Safety (KNKT), and with the information voiced by members of the commission to investigate the disaster at a press conference on 18 December 2012 on the launch of the results of the investigation, "recording of both flight recorders (" black boxes ") were transcribed in the laboratory of KNKT KNKT experts under the supervision of specialists from Russia. With the recorder failed to consider all options. In accordance with the read parameters breakdowns in the system plane during its flight has been detected. "

Quote: "In addition, the survey revealed leakage of hydraulic nose wheel — at run it might have been. Therefore, SSJ was sent back to the factory in Komsomolsk-on-Amur "

When performing training flights on the aircraft, there was a leak fluid shock absorber strut front chassis because of damage to his seal.
January 19, 2013 by plane Sukhoi Superjet 100 (manufacturer's serial number 95019) in use of the airline "Yakutia", the manufacturing company has been replaced by the front landing gear. Replacement is made in accordance with the warranty obligations assumed by JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" at the conclusion of the contract with the airline "Yakutia" for the supply of aircraft SSJ100.
Said landing gear was sent by the developer to analyze and develop appropriate solutions to prevent similar failures in the future.
The airline "Yakutia" continues to fly by plane Sukhoi Superjet 100 (MSN 95019) from Yakutsk to Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk.

Quote: "Summing up the public finance figures given there, we get about 90 billion rubles — the state support the aviation industry over the years. And what kind of planes they built? Yes no. The money is de facto spent on SSJ, although initially it was only about 50 million rubles. The exact cost of it so far no one knows, because funds were allocated for various items. But experts believe that the $ 7 billion — the amount of the very real and most of them — $ 5.4 billion — is state funds "

The actual amount of funding is as follows:
— total cost: U.S. $ 1,092.16 million, which
— extrabudgetary funding, 677.79 million and
— government funding: 414.37 million.

Quote: "And this is what the specialist commercial airline service, the operator SSJ-100:" It's a shame that the Boeing 737-500 on a flight Moscow — St. Petersburg spends 2700-2800 kg against 2600 kg of kerosene from SSJ-100. That is the newest SSJ-100 eats as much as twenty years and "Boeing", which has a 13 ton higher maximum takeoff weight. Moreover, filled weight SSJ-100 — 45 880 kg, and the Boeing 737-500 — 59 000 kg. This is not just a failure — it's a disaster! "

Feature of the route Moscow — St. Petersburg is the fact that the alternate airport is the airport of departure. As a result, the mass of the reserve fuel is equal to the mass of fuel for the flight.
How monoklasskaya and two-cabin arrangements SSJ100/95 have an advantage of 13 to 15% in the absolute fuel consumption on a flight over the plane of greater dimension B737-500. This advantage consists of lighter weight construction (ca. 7%) and improved aerodynamics with equivalent engine efficiency.

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