Supreme Commander highly appreciated our work

Supreme Commander highly appreciated our workMajor-General Leonid Ivanov:
"The Supreme Commander
really appreciated our efforts "

— Leonid G., defense of the Crimea, Stalingrad operation — any of the pages of your military biography deserves a separate story. But now, in the day of your prof prazdnichka, I would like to talk to you in more detail about military intelligence "Smersh", which in the coming year will be 70 years old …

— Yes, April 19, 1943 were eliminated special departments and agencies made counterintelligence "Smersh" People's Commissariat of Defense. This decree was signed by the Supreme Commander.

Calling card

Leonid G. Ivanov was born on August 18, 1918 at p. Chernavka Tambov province. In 1937, he enrolled at the Academy of communications, transferred to serve in the NKVD in 1940, graduated from the school of the NKVD, served in the territorial bodies. Member of Russian war majestically from the first to the last day or her — service was held in the bodies of military intelligence; participant in the defense of Odessa and the Crimea, the Battle of Stalingrad, the liberation of Ukraine and Poland, the capture of Berlin. The war he graduated from the head office of Counterintelligence "Smersh" 5th Shock Army with the rank of Major, and in 1952 — 1959 — in various positions in the apparatus of the third Head of the KGB of the USSR (MGB, MVD), then headed by special departments of the KGB Balto, the Metropolitan of Kiev and (1978 — 1980 gg.) military districts in the Southern Group of Forces. In 1980 — 1986 years. — At the Consulate of the KGB at the Ministry of Interior. Major General in retirement.

— As has been seen by you and your comrades is unusual name — "Smersh"?
— Not a bad title, fighting …
— How this transformation occurred immediately? What-nibudt in your life immediately changed?
— First small. My boss just said that we are not special department of the NKVD and military counter-intelligence "Smersh" in the NCB and now we do not spetszvaniya, and the title of the military …
— And the service that was new?
— Frankly, that at that time for us, those workers who have been on the front edge, near the front, no meetings to find puzzles, was not. But we do understand that since we are now employees of the People's Commissariat of Defense, we are the same officers, like everyone else, and all the orders of Stalin's commissar for us to apply. Communication with the troop command we supported, as before … Our puzzles are well-known: the fight against the agents of the enemy, with treason, desertion, self-harm, zafrontovaya work, operational games, information about the morale of the command …
— In other words, it appears that like to "change the sign" — and all?
— No, not at all! Just about everything had to be done, as they say, "on wheels." Soon almost all of the substituents Gen.-Lieutenant Victor Semenovich ABAKUMOV, Chief of the Head of Defence Services Intelligence "Smersh" NKO, dispersed to areas in order to talk with the employees who worked in a combat situation, and based on its experience to make the latest annotation, a new position on the rights and obligations of counterintelligence.
By June we first arrived, Lieutenant-General Nikolai Selivanovsky, 1st deputy. ABAKUMOV, and Major-General Nikolai Kuzmich Kovalchuk, head of counter-intelligence of the Southern Front. I was at the time a senior detective department of counter-intelligence "Smersh" 51th Army — in the 3rd room, which usually all departments counterintelligence teams, divisions and corps of the army.
To me they are all discussed longer — about two hours, and I feel that I have become interested. Later Selivanovsky says our army chief of counterintelligence: "Comrade Nikiforov, sign an order of the purpose of Major Ivanov Deputy. early. Third branch. " Nikiforov: "Comrade General, it is not a major, he was a captain!"
Selivanovsky: "Comrade Kovalchuk, sign an order to Captain Ivanov conferring the rank of major." Kovalchuk reads: "It shall be done!" And to me, "Think of what you have major, major's shoulder straps fasten!" In general, I began a descent and major, and vice. early. Branch …
The work of our Military Counterintelligence improved, and the enemy was not in place. At first the Germans did not really paid much attention to intelligence — had hoped for a blitzkrieg, agents threw us without special training, without serious "legends". And here they've had enough. Were made by intelligence agencies, schools, recruited there from the traitors of the prisoners. Taught! And very well forged documents — cool, frankly. "Legends" were obmyslennye: Mostly Tipo vorachivalis of hospitals, such as "cured" in fact there were many thousand; threw in the main aircraft — at great depth.
I remember that was a preparation for the Iasi-Kishinev operation, it is August 1944. The commander of the 5th Shock Army, Lieutenant General Nikolai Erastovich Berzarin, he knew me well personally, put the task: "Guys, do everything so that the enemy does not vyznat to prepare for an attack!"
And suddenly, one shepherd reported that in Frunzevki were ejected with parachutes 5 people.
— German intelligence?
— And who else? Imagine, it is clear the time and place of dropping — and no data, no names, nothing! I led the group, and in eight days we found them all!
— In the Iasi-Kishinev operation involved, the 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian Fronts — about one million two hundred and fifty thousand people. And in the midst of finding five of which you know nothing?
— I went with a group of workers in the area Frunzevki. Found a shepherd: "Father, and for you not to dream? Suddenly, we are going to work for nothing? "He swears, swears — beheld! Great, let's go to the place. "Where were you standing?" — "Here." — "Where were they?" Indicates that approximately 800 meters landed. We go there. We knew that when they landed, the parachutes were buried. Begin to find where the freshest loosened earth, poke its probes. On the second day found a — 5 parachutes, such beautiful, silk. Means exactly — dele accomplished. How to find if any names nor accept — nothing?
Then I sent a 2-own workers to the north, two-hoo — to the south, west and east. Poll the local inhabitants, whom they beheld suspicious. In particular in the form.
And it is as lucky! One man who was mowing grass, reads: "Yesterday I was approached by two soldiers. I was taken aback — in the form of such freshest, neat. "Where are going?" — "From Glinova!" And waved his hand. A Glinovo out there! "He said to the soldier a cigarette — they offered him a cigarette. But the men were given shag! The Germans were smoking cigarettes! Later, says the mower, there was a car with the military — the two men looked at each other and went very quickly.
He's good — and even saw on a knapsack the number "23"! Sacks something similar, and the men to not beguiled, wrote or last name, or number. We gave the command to all parts of counterintelligence find a fighter, especially, who arrived in the last day, which in the duffel bag would be written "23".
— Yeah, the story is you, perhaps more abruptly than in the traditional "In August, the 44th …". Alth
ough the time — the same!
— That's it … The increased attention we sent to the alternate 194th Regiment. Usually they come recruiting, they were taught, and later sent to the companies of the marching military units. Head there was Stepanov — reported: "I found a fighter -" 23 "!" I immediately left the regiment. Meet. "Do you come from?" — "Out of Tambov."
— So you do himself Tambov!
— Yeah, so lucky! I asked: "Where are wounded?" — "In the leg." — "Show me the wound." The wound is, but not a very serious injury. He asked: "What street was lying? In what department? Like a sister to call? As a doctor? "He said. We called for HF in Tambov — nothing confirmed … and the town he did not know! All clear!
"Give me your book!" Germans are our soldiers' health book forged color, shaped as letters — all right! But we was a steel clip, soldier defied the — right and left traces of rust. And they — nickel-plated, no trace. The book looked — nickel-plated clip.
But he's not shooting up, as they say! Then called Reaper, whom he met — he saw as the Reaper, fell to his knees, "Oh, I decided to surrender" — "What is guilt? We have here the second day to talk to you, you're not confess! "In general, he issued a second soldier, who was with him in the regiment, and 1 st, which was in the form of captain. Said: "We did not beheld, he was covered with a tent, but we know that the captain and his name — Michael."
— These data were quite to track down?
— If you know how to dispose of them, that's pretty. We headed to the department cadres of our 5th Shock Army, "Yes, — confirmed to us — Captain Misha such …" — and signs dubbed, adding: "For two hours he went back to the place of destination!" It turned out he was appointed an officer in the operations section 32 Corps! There he is fully able to obtain data on the future coming — time, effort, etc., and later to go to the front edge under the guise of reconnaissance and cross the front line. We are there to the headquarters building — look, he rides on the running … Well, grab it! And the remaining two, they were saboteurs, took in an ambush in the area of fundamental strategic facility. They were shot, 1st we both wounded and captured. That's right, just eight days! The Commander was told — he gave me the Order of the Russian War I level. He came to the department handed, kissed and congratulated, slightly pointed …
— Leonid G., for the question to you, as a leader of the highest rank, a very authoritative in the KGB man. How do you assess the role played by the military counterintelligence Lofty during Russian war?
— She spent bolshennuyu work! Problem military intelligence — its specific tools assist commanders to ensure victory over the enemy. In other words, to fight with the agency, with treason, to obtain information about the enemy, etc. I believe that if there were an active, effective work "Smersh", the Victory specifically in May 1945 could have been avoided. It would be, but apparently later with bolshennymi still bolshennymi losses.
No wonder the Supreme Commander of the highly praised the work of military intelligence. After the war, he expressed gratitude to all personnel of "Smersh". Vocally, however, but declared.
— In addition, many of the managers of the military counter-intelligence was soon appointed to the highest office …
— Yes, Victor S. Abakoumov became minister of state security. The increase went many chiefs of the "Smersh" fronts. 5 heads of military intelligence armies on staff colonel, in June received the title of generals. Well, as you know, many veterans, members of "Smersh", which continued service in the military intelligence and security of our country.
— Thank you for you very much, Leonid G.! On behalf of the editors and readers of the "Red Star" I congratulate you, and through you to all veterans of military intelligence with your prof Happy holiday!

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