Surgutneftegaz build an airfield in Yakutia

Saha, 21.03.2011g.
The company "Surgutneftegas" leading oil Talakanskoye field in Yakutia, will build an airfield there. The decision was made during the talks, Prime Minister Galina Danchikova Yakutia and the head of "Surgutneftegaz" Vladimir Bogdanov.

Talakan first developed in shifts, but eventually a settlement was constructed for employees who work in production. To service the 2.5 million people was built helipad, which lacked the capacity. The company "Surgutneftegas" planned to build a runway to receive aircraft, but in the end it was decided to erect a field near the airport utility, which will be able to take heavy aircraft.

Talakanskoye field — the largest oil and gas field in Yakutia, is located in the south-west of the country. Recoverable oil reserves of 120 million tons, geological — 300 million tons. License for Talakan owned by "Surgutneftegaz", which is working since 2004.

It is planned that from running at full capacity in 2012-2015 to Talakanskoye field will produce up to 6 million tons of oil a year.

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