Surgutneftegaz runs deep refining complex at the Kirishi refinery

"Surgutneftegaz" almost finished building your deep refining complex on the basis of residue hydrocracking at the Kirishi refinery ("Kinef") cost of 88 billion rubles. Commissioned the first phase of the complex, which will later this year to increase the production of diesel fuel of Euro-4 and Euro-5. Fully complete the construction is planned before the end of the year.

The active stage of construction of integrated refining and design lasted about eight years, said yesterday the General Director of "Kinef" Vadim Somov. According to him, the construction due to lack of Russian counterparts by 70% used imported equipment. Step by step the facility is already underway. In February, the permission to operate the first phase consisting of the installation hydrodeparaffinization (improves the quality of produced diesel) unit for production of elemental sulfur (hydrogen sulfide processes, resulting in the installation of hydrodeparaffinization) and the substation, which provides electricity to the complex.

As a result, in 2012, the plant will produce more than 1.5 million tons of diesel fuel of Euro-4 and Euro-5. And in 2013, after the launch of the entire complex will produce about 7 million tons of diesel fuel, of which 80% will come from the standards of Euro-3 and Euro-4 and Euro-5. To pay off, according to director of the refinery can for three or four years, if you do not take into account taxation, and for eight years — from his account.

Mr. Somov added that 2015 will complete the construction of the complex, which enhances the quality of produced gasoline. As a result, by 2015, all fuel produced by "KINEF" will comply with Euro 5. The depth of oil processing at the end of the year will rise from the current 65 to 68%, and by 2015 it will increase to 77%. The further increase in depth of up to 94-95% is possible after 2017. The volume of oil refining at increased not plan to. He will remain at the current level of 21-22 million tons of oil a year.

"Now the demand for diesel Euro-5 standard in Russia is virtually absent, but the company will be able to send products for export", — said the director of business development agency Argus price Mikhail Perfilov. The expert recalled that in 2016 in Russia can only sell the Euro-5, unless, of course, the plant will not achieve delays.

Analyst, market analysis and consultations BC "KIT Finance" Dmitry Shagardin draws attention to the fact that in most European countries is a major source of oil refining budget revenues, where more than 50% of the cost of a liter of gasoline accounts for taxes and fees. This is a barrier to entry of Russian gas to the EU market, as these countries are interested in is to leave most of the value added in the territory, and prefer to buy raw materials.

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