SverdlovEnergo for more than six months has repaired 1,700 km of 0.4-110 kV

In the first half of 2012, the branch of JSC "MRSC of Urals" — "Sverdlovenergo" sent for repairs more than 200 million rubles. These funds workover of more than 1,700 km of overhead power lines 0.4-110 kV cleared more than two thousand hectares of trails.

For example, in the first half of the specialists "SverdlovEnergo" overhauled overhead power line (VL) of 110 kV "Kachkanar-Providence", which is a transit and provides a number of power supply in the Perm region. Also, the replacement of wood poles and elements in the transit of 110 kV "European-Chekmenev." From this depends on the reliability of electricity power facility traction substations Railways, located in the urban district Gornouralsky Sverdlovsk region.
About 13 million rubles from the disbursements of energy sent to the repair of network equipment in the lease. Thus, the experts "SverdlovEnergo" completed the repair of the leased 35 kV "Tour-Pump-2," which is responsible for the stability of the electricity supply system Krasnouralsk with a population of over 25,000 people.

Also repair work carried out on the leased power facilities located in Nevyansky City District and Borough Revd.
In addition, the funds directed energy "SverdlovEnergo" produced a comprehensive renovation of the major centers of power 35-110 kW. Repair work performed at 110 kV "Verkhovino", "Chetkarino", "Butka", "Trifanova", "Trinity", "Krasnaya Sloboda", which are located in the settlement, the Turin metro area, Pyshma, Talitsky Tugulymskom and urban districts of the Sverdlovsk region .

Also, the company's specialists have carried out repairs 330 transformer substations 6-10/0, 4 kV.
Before the start of the autumn-winter period in the Sverdlovsk region of Energy will complete repairs and increase the reliability of the distribution network of 0.4 kV in Pospelkovo Sosvinskiy GB with the use of self-supporting insulated wire of the new generation will repair networks in the village Wood and Podgarnichny, also located in the north of the Sverdlovsk region, in Ivdel in Krasnaya Sloboda and forth Makuy Slobodo Turin-GO, GO to Talitsky in the settlement Mayan, etc. New, Coastal, Krasnogorka, Trehozerka in d.Yudina, d.Smirnova, d.Holkina Pyshminsky GO, etc. Owl Tugulymskogo district, etc. The key Baykalovskogo GO.

"By the beginning of October, we plan to complete all necessary repairs of the equipment. The total funds allocated in 2012 for this purpose, will be more than 470 million rubles. I stress that formed repair programs of all industrial branches "SverdlovEnergo" maximum cover those energy facilities that require updating. These funds will be enough to prepare the distribution grid complex of the Middle Urals to the successful passage of the autumn-winter period of 2012-2013 gg ", — said the director of the branch" SverdlovEnergo "Oleg Moshinskii.

Total in service branch "Sverdlovenergo" is 375 substations 35-220 kV with total capacity of 7279 MVA, 7823 pcs transformer substations 10/0, 4 kV and 36,654 km of overhead power lines 0.4-110 kV voltage class.

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