Swiss scientists are preparing to release a new humanoid robot


Now dozens of laboratories around the world are being developed humanoid robots. One of the priorities in this area is to create the most realistic propulsion system, which finally went to the typical angular and sharp movements.

Swiss researchers from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) at the University of Zurich announced that in March 2013 they will be submitted to a fundamentally new type of humanoid robot called Roboy (name can be translated to English as "robomalchik"). Under the plan the project should be completed in record time — just 9 months after the start of operations. (An analogy with the duration of pregnancy in women.)

A unique feature of the new development is a robot motor system, which is operated by mechanized tendons similar to the human limb (whereas most of the other robot movement is based on the work of the joints).

A press release from the University of Zurich stresses that Roboy aimed at helping people in daily activities. Such "service robots" are intended to carry embedded program regardless of the presence of humans. Since they will share with the people one living space, the machines need to be "friendly" and safe.

That's why when you create a so-called "soft robotics" engineers focus on a touch of softness, gentleness in interaction and natural movements.

Roboy — this is a "soft robot". His movements are smooth and as close as possible to the living. In the near future, developers plan to clothe his creation in the elastic skin and give it a pleasant facial expression.

Ultimately Roboy will increase from four year old child, and it looks to be very similar.

New robot to predict widespread use in many areas, such as household or hotel business: namely, cleaning and monitoring, as well as care of the elderly. Roboy help seniors remain autonomous as long as possible.

Scientists hope that over time, service robots will be included in our lives as closely as laptops or smartphones.

In development Roboy involved 40 engineers and scientists, their support 15 partner companies, which indicates a very high level of interest in the project, both science and real business. In addition, from the beginning the project was public and on his official website you can read the latest achievements, new photos and videos.

However, creating a humanoid robot extremely expensive and the developers plan to tour with his invention for collecting additional investment. To this end, they are going to just sell the body under Roboy company logos.

Well, along with the numerous fans of the project we hope that in the spring at the international exhibition of Robotics "Robots on the road» (Robots on Tour), which will be held in Zurich and will be dedicated to 25-th anniversary of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, University of Zurich, we will present the first robot baby Roboy.

By the way, there could finally shake hands and humanoid robots from around the world: Affeto from Osaka, Kenshiro from Tokyo, Kibo, Silbot and Mere from South Korea, and many others.

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