TagAz is ready for certification of a new five-door coupe

Taganrog plant continues to work on the five-door sports coupe, which received conditional code PS511.

As the general director of "TagAZa" Andrey Fradkin, at this stage of the project car is ready to certification. As stated earlier, the actual appearance of new items on the market is planned in the summer of 2012. And the name of the car and its price will be announced on June 10 already.

According to "TagAZe" novelty practically embodies the new car for the mass production of technical solutions that have been used in the automotive industry exclusively for sports cars. Technologies that reduce the weight of the PS511, ensures optimum efficiency and fuel economy. For the car also provides for the most efficient reuse of materials for disposal. The new model has to be one of the most affordable offerings in class and on the Russian market.

«PS511 is not just important for a company project. This is a car that can define the boundaries of a new segment of the budget proposals from class, who have emphasized sporty design ", — says Andrey Fradkin.

According to the company, the owners of the potential of the new model will be primarily young people — modern, the most active and receptive to new products, valuing individuality and sporty cars. In completing the new items already in the basic version is expected to include options such as power windows, central locking, electrically heated mirrors, air conditioning, radio, power steering, ABS and airbags. New products will be produced at the facilities of Taganrog Automobile Plant at an initial level of localization of the order of 40%. 

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